RAISING THE ROOF! Last I wrote I was getting ready to build up and create the upstairs master bedroom! My initial idea was to simply put a large dormer off one side of the house and keep the ceiling height, this turned out to be structurally a very bad idea. I knew that “Man Size” […]

A Wrench for the Works: Springtime Plumbing Tips

Running water is one of the most basic amenities/necessities of modern life. I shudder when I think of life without it. The plumber who comes to your aid is truly a HERO (think burst pipes underground or drains that are completely clogged). Men have traditionally dominated this field of work, but women have also undertaken […]

Ready for Primetime Pavlova

Making desserts for someone who is diabetic is a daunting prospect, especially when they are also allergic to wheat. So, I’m always on the look out for ways to make a sweet that is sugar-free, wheat free and actually tastes good. I did try the red velvet cake, with questionable results (it looked good, but […]

Historic Garden Week is Here

  After a brutally cold winter, and chilly early spring, it is so good to see the trees budding and the flowers blossoming– truly the Gods of Gardening are smiling down upon us! So, the warming days and sunny rays welcome “Historic Garden Week in Virginia!”     Every year the Garden Club of Virginia […]


Celebrating Spring: May the Peeps Be With YOU!     Get on a roll having fun with dessert! This was something my friend Susan made for me and it was almost too cute to eat. I managed to scarf it down, though! Ingredients: Peeps, Twinkies, Chocolate covered mini pretzels, Marshmallows, Junior Mints Viola! You have […]


    ANOTHER TALE OF ESPIONAGE AND DERRING-DO Since it’s the last week of March and Women’s History Month, I wanted to add another to our record of spy stories. In 2002 Marthe Cohn, a holocaust survivor and French Jewish spy during World War II , published the story of her exploits and feats of […]


      I have received scores of positive comments on Joan Garrabrandt’s marvelous article “Living The Symbolic Life.” Many of them are inquiries about finding resources for dream work or ways to approach dreams.     In “Living The Symbolic Life,” Ms. Garrabrant takes a Jungian approach to dream analysis, which emphasizes the appearance […]

Traveling Light and Right

I have a number of friends who travel a lot for their jobs, and I am always amazed at their abilities to pack lightly and still look wonderful every place they go. It is an art, I think, to be able to anticipate the types of events that are on the itinerary and make sure […]

“Year Three – The Upstairs” by Robbie Rhur

Year Three – The Upstairs My upstairs to do list: install an upstairs heat pump; remodel the old Chucky Cheese bathroom, create a master bedroom in the back of the upstairs with a rebuilt deck, and build bookcases and repaint the middle section of the upstairs, which I call the library. Two rooms in the […]


Well, it’s been a long time, and, I don’t exactly know where to begin, except to say that I have had a lot of family matters fill up my life for the last few months. One of my parents has been very ill and has been in and out of the hospital numerous times since […]