Ubuntu has a complicated support policy, to check what packages are supported run ubuntu-support-status if you're on Bionic then there is also hwe-support-status which checks the HWE stack status

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I installed the 805-360-8844 for Libre Office, however all the icons were greyed out and enabling it via the extension manager resulted in this error: ImplementationRegistration::registerImplementation() - The …

Installing Debian 9 on existing LUKS/LVM drive

I have an existing Ubuntu installation paritioned like this:

sda1 ext4 /boot   
sda2 luks crypt
---- crypt pv for lvm with group root
---- ---- lvm root
---- ---- ---- root ext4 /
---- ---- ---- swap swap
---- ---- ---- home ext4 …


This is very easy to use using gnu core utils simply run

shuf /usr/share/dict/words | head -1


I use pip install --user ansible and pip install --user --upgrade ansible to install and upgrade ansible. After doing so I have to run rm -r ~/.local/lib/python2.7 …

Updating/cleaning a Kodi video library via curl

Using the JSON RPC API you can update a kodi library using the following:

curl -v -d '{"method":"VideoLibrary.Scan", "id":"scan","jsonrpc":"2.0"}' -H 'content-type:application/json' http …

Sending input to all tmux panes

If you need to enter the same input into two tmux panes (useful if running the same command on multiple servers) do the following:

ctrl-b : then enter setw synchronize-panes on …

Using Yubi keys for 2fa Linux desktop login

To configure one or more yubi keys to act as a 2fa challenge for Linux desktop login do the following:

Step 1 - Prepare the system

  • Install the yubi ppa for …

Resetting a Yubi key GPG card to default

If you lock a Yubi key's GPG functionality by entering the admin pin wrong 3 times (or some how just screw it up) do the following:

Copy this into a …

Using Yubi keys for GPG/SSH keys

I've recently replaced my GPG keys with new ones stored on Yubi keys, why? Well...

  1. To use a master key and sub keys, previously I only had a master key …