50 Stories in 50 Weeks

Since 1968, St. Ambrose has been serving Baltimore by creating safe, affordable homes and supporting strong and diverse neighborhoods. On this site we invite you take a look at our work over the last 50 years. We’ll share a new story each week for 50 weeks from the people and places that have made St. Ambrose the organization that it is today.


St. Ambrose Stories

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We realize that there are a lot more stories still left to be told, so even though we have completed ...
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Looking Forward


As we wind down from last week’s celebration of St. Ambrose's 50th year of service in Baltimore, we have the ...
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The Celebration

On Saturday, April 28th, St. Ambrose officially celebrated its 50th anniversary with a big gala celebration! Thank you to everyone ...
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State Senator Verna Jones-Rodwell

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Did you know former State Senator Verna Jones-Rodwell worked at St. Ambrose? Her summer internship led her to change her studies ...

Faye’s Story

For over twenty years Faye has been a part of the St. Ambrose family. As St. Ambrose's receptionist, she is ...
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Katrina's Story


Katrina Anderson has been living in her St. Ambrose rental home for over 10 years. She feels blessed to have ...
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Up from the Ashes


 On April 6th, 1968 the city of Baltimore, along with 125 other cities around the country, was in a state ...
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Home on Home Plate

Home on Home Plate

Did you know that the Orioles used to play ball in our backyard? Union Park was the Orioles' stadium from ...
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Virginia's Story

Virginia’s Story

"You need someplace where you can make yourself comfortable- someplace you can come and go, but know you always have a ...
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Miracle at Johnston Square

Miracle at Johnston Square

The Martin de Porres Center serves as an inspiring model of what we can all do to provide better housing ...
Leah's Story

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Leah has worked with St. Ambrose for over 30 years, but her St. Ambrose story started before that.  Her mom ...
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The 40/50 Story

St. Ambrose is proud to have been a part of the NeighborWorks network for 13 years. NeighborWorks America has provided significant ...
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Preserving Affordable Rental Housing

Through their Priority Markets Program, the Wells Fargo Foundation has awarded $80,000 to St. Ambrose Housing Aid Center for the ...
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"Game Changers"

“Game Changers”

Hosted by Marc Clarke, "Game Changers" is a new public affairs program that features interviews with Baltimore citizens, government officials, and ...
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Advocating for Host Homes: Christina’s Story

Christina, aka Jolley, has been homeless for almost three years. She stayed with friends for several months while looking for ...
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