It doesn't matter how smart you are. If you don't work hard, you'll never succeed.

Where did Cristina go to school?


Dirk was appalled.


He understands physics.

Some people insist that television does more harm than good.

Media sells a trace of hatred at bargain prices.

He will without doubt succeed in the exam.

For some odd reason, I have all my marbles, so far.

Thuan has a nice smile.

I haven't seen Granville for a good while.

They said they're tired.

She shaved her head.

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Virtually all of the Americans were in favor of the decision.

Did you know Alex had a twin brother?

We tend only to notice the details that concern us.

It won't make any difference.

I didn't go on account of illness.


We restrained them.

Could you place your bags on the scale, please?

Pandas spend at least 12 hours each day eating bamboo.

He aspired to the position of president.

He is always giving presents to his wife.

My friend picked up a bargain at a seized car auction last week.

The dog is brown, small, and thin.

Dan didn't know where his car key was.

I am such a poor image of misery! Regardless, I will face my destiny with an attitude worthy of admiration!

He's too young to understand.

I'm sure that wasn't Saify's dog.

I like to eyeball my ingredients, mostly because I don't feel like washing my measuring cups over and over.

Overpopulation is a big concern.


My old house giving me trouble. I have to mend a part of it every day.

The roses were in full bloom in the botanical garden.

They came to our rescue at once.


Rudolf is the one who bandaged Real's arm.


You said that an hour ago.


We never swim.

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Looks, brains, reflexes, rich family and, for good measure, vice president of the student committee - in other words he's 'perfect'.

The cat has started acting strangely.

Just be glad Varda didn't tell Mike what you really thought of her.

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Alain and I helped each other.

They escaped when the door was opened.

That won't happen today.

I'm so tired that I can't walk any longer.

Who would do a thing like that?

The bucket was full of rainwater.

As a result of the collision, one of the passengers was thrown out.

She doesn't like to speak in public.

I could see you were in trouble.

I bumped into the window.

Now, go have a good time. The work can wait.

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She was very afraid of him.


Cops are everywhere.

I have no car.

I bought a pair of earrings.

It's in front of a restaurant on 42nd street.

Nancy could tell that Sundaresan was dying.

Bill came all the way from Florida.

He didn't require to be told twice.

Who can calculate the orbit of his own soul?

The future has many names.

I saw them.

She was the First Lady.

Show me your hand.

Do you know who wrote this novel?

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The singer is famous not only in Japan but also in Europe.

Tell Stu I don't want to go.

It was handcrafted.


It looks great from up here.

I've always liked you.

His customers dropped off.

Do you remember what I told you the last time we met?

Fortunately, Sergio is still alive.


The baby cried for milk.


Which hotel will you stay in when you're in Boston?

The prices remain as they were.

My son wants to be Lincoln.

I'm going to figure this out.

"I know it is sudden, but this is your client, King Harkinian of Hyrule." "So this is the King I'm defending. I've never defended royalty before..!" "LOL I LEARNED TO TEXT WITH MY MOUTH. WHAT DO YOU THINK?" "I KNOW it isn't funny." "...Spoilsport."


I want to know what the cause of the accident was.


My predictions were accurate.


The woman precisely knows that she doesn't know what she wants.

Brad's apartment is cluttered.

I shall never tell it to anybody.

I don't want to shoot you.

I want to bring up my son as my father did me.

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He handed in his resignation to his boss.

Here's your bag.

I crunch through the snow.

It worked out well.

Affluence leads to chagrin.

It was not until yesterday that we knew about it.

Raise your hand when I call your name.

Ning just wants to have fun.

We killed time playing cards.

She said she would be twenty years old the following year.

He stood behind his mother.

He was born in America.

Let her get some rest.

I'm Evelyn's stockbroker.

Lorien said he'd love to go to Boston with us.

Do you know what he has done?

We love it here.


You should make notes.

Speech is silver, silence is golden.

Fishing is the only thing Mickey wants to do.

You would never do such a thing.

She seems to have known the secret.


The statue was damaged.

Martin's mind is elsewhere.

He boasted of having passed the entrance exam.

I work in an accounting office.

I stopped by Rodent's school on the way home.


I've gotten hungry.

I'll go look for him.

The students wanted us to help push the car.

He told me about the change in the plan.

I drank too much wine and got dizzy.

He likes the music.

I want a new cellphone!

I've almost finished my work.

There's a body in the trunk of the car.

I just needed a little encouragement.

He scared us.

The house was silent.

This is a complete and total disaster.

As all letters have the letter A for their first, so the world has the eternal God for its first.

She put lots of sugar in the coffee.

I was pregnant.

His story turned out to be false.

Nothing's the same.

I have no idea what I should be doing.

Our representative argued against the new tax plan.

Don't be such a pessimist.

Scarcely had we started out before the sky became overcast and down came the rain again.

There were many things that Rahul wanted to do before he died.

We're going to play baseball tomorrow.

It's up to you.

Don't you think I'm attractive?

Sandy hasn't seen the video yet.

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It didn't come up.


Jock and Manolis joined the group.

I missed you kids.

I swear to God.

Why would someone kill Mysore?

Dammit, that pest Nagisa, she really went and snitched on me to the teachers.

The coach considers Bob a good player.

The guest was not ashamed of his silly conduct at all.

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We were both shocked.

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I will do my best.

It's so obvious we don't need proof.

I can't wait for spring to come so we can sit under the cherry trees.

Ken collects old coins.

Open up your ears, the boss is going to speak!

Thank you very much for the useful advice.

The government imposed a new tax on cigarettes.

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When a medical doctor follows the coffin of a patient, it is in fact sometimes the cause that follows the effect.


It produced strange visual effects.


I can't help but feel a little relieved.

Let me fasten my seat belt!

What puzzled us was that he said he would not attend the meeting.

It was fairly funny.

Hawaii's really the land of milk and honey.

It isn't easy to translate all your comments into Standard German.

You've never coached before, have you?

Most of the participants are from Australia.

The inmate was doing time for a burglary conviction.


There's a lot of competition.


I don't think she's faking.