I've decided to be more positive and give it all I've got.

What did Dan ever do to you?

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Had it not been for your advice he would have been ruined.

He made the ultimate decision.

Had you run all the way, you'd have got there in time.

My house is on the outskirts of town.

Sometimes no matter how hard we try, it's just not enough.


Birth is, in a manner, the beginning of death.

I have not been studying for two days.

I've already lost too much time.


Ethnic minorities struggle against prejudice, poverty, and oppression.

If I had to do it again, I would!

They aimed their guns at her.


This is the most delicious apple.


Why don't you share it with me?


You can't ignore it.

They're ringing the doorbell.

I was born to make you happy.


There is a risk for rain tomorrow.

Kit and Isaac were seated side by side.

As the orchestra in the space hotel's ballroom played on, dancers from various worlds swayed gaily about.

What'll happen to Leslie?

Belinda's family is close-knit and loving.


I prefer soft drinks without sugar.

He substituted for his father.

That means cutting the first train.

That man standing over there is my father.

Both cases were dismissed.

Oo, that's cold!

He gives us money.

I'm well acquainted with Warren.

A good sense of humor will help you deal with hard times.

Mother had prepared supper when I got home.

I heard he was looking for work.

The peaches at the bottom of the basket are rotten.

I did the job in three days.

Amigo told me he didn't need my help.

She decided on a blue dress.


I saw you with Anthony last Monday.

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There was no light.

As long as a bear is relatively inactive, and is not exposed to wind, it does not burn excessive energy in cold weather.

Tomorrow's a holiday.


Will Israel attack Iran?

It's quiet, you know.

That's what I really want.

All his friends backed his plan.

Markku put his life on the line to rescue Liisa.

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I'll be jealous.

It was announced that the athletic meet would be put off.

Why didn't you listen to Dave?

Lucius has written a few textbooks.

Nothing is left to chance.

I'm not very interested.

Caleb wondered why his wife left him.

The patient is unconscious.

When Dylan was a teenager, he would often sit on the front porch and write songs in the evening after dinner.

When will you go?

I think we should wait another half an hour.


He's gone to the stadium.

The king overturned the death sentence of a woman condemned for driving.

My friend said she bought a new watch.

We need a bath.

The police brought a charge of theft against him.

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Let's start the party when he comes.


I can't get a hold of her.

You're full of surprises today.

Lester is the president.

We have to set up the Republic of common sense.

Dory didn't say anything about going to Boston.

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The police searched Jochen Smith's house.

You may go home if you want to.

She is married to an English teacher, so she can take lessons free of charge.


These colors are beautiful.

We learn about the structure of the heart in junior high school.

She speaks English as well as I.

Do you have any other theories?

The eraser on the pencil you just gave me is worn down.

Beth and Kimberly love their children.

Let us know your thoughts about this.


I'd never seen you like that before.


I need to get out of this place.


You all have two books.


Is Graham still happy?

Every time I go out, I forget something. Always!

Let's break for lunch.

Your concern touches me.

Where could they be?


Where is Tyler buried?

I've never been asked for anything like this.

Let's go home, please.

Cynthia is trying very hard not to fail.

Marcia has yet to be found.


Nobody invited me to the party.

A number of police officers at separate youth parties were pelted with rocks and beer bottles at the weekend.

Blayne's as strong as an ox, yet nevertheless is a coward.

I consider Catherine my friend.

He left for London.

They've won many competitions.

It's only Vadim.

I don't know how to answer that question.

They have to study hard for the math test.

They lived a happy life there.

So if you're feeling thirsty, it's probably a good idea to drink some water.

I've found something I'd like to show you.

I'm going to take a shower because I stink.

Roger loves getting tied up.

Didn't you have the flu last week?


Jason doesn't like discussing his work with Nanda.

With all of the excitement for languages, one shouldn't forget, that there are also other things in life.

Tell me what I should do.


He called for beer.


One dollar is equivalent to 110 yen.

You and I have the same idea.

One of the buttons has come off my coat.

The pain will eventually go away.

I left my baby in her care and went shopping.


I found a book with a red cover and decided to borrow it.

I couldn't be more pleased.

Elwood cannot distinguish between reality and imagination.

Randall is coming today.

We have what we deserve.


She is said to be a domestic woman.

Duty had called him, and he left.

This is totally unexpected.

Milner arrived after Manolis had already left.

How have you been getting along lately?

Did Pim have anything interesting to say?

Dorothy got in the car and they drove off.

I'm flying back to Boston tomorrow night.

We're doing well.

Camping is impossible where there is no water.

Why are you so sure Hon is Canadian?

Put it where children can't get at it.

Naim is quite thin, isn't he?

Why is everyone looking at us?

Sodium is one of the most abundant elements in the Earth's crust.


I went to the drug store to buy some cough medicine.

With whom did my father speak?

It's popular in China.

Full of pure kerosene, that small lamp could be lit for several days.

All the soldiers stood side by side.

Just tell them I'm a consultant.

Do you want me to check again?

That has happened before.

Is Spanish spoken in Mexico?

In spite of the hurricane, the ship reached port.

My room's a little messy.

It was half full.

There's someone waiting for me outside.


Lucy dismissed what Marla was saying.


It's really bad for your eyes.

There's no simple answer.

Children are the flowers of our lives. Nothing decorates a house better than children carefully set in the corners.

If by any chance you run into Celia, give her my regards.

Lisa noticed Kenn had a tattoo on her ankle.

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I'd never hire them.

I'm surprised you didn't want to go with us.

I admire your pluck.


You know, I think that we're wasting our time here.

Do you mean to go?

Nici wants you back.

She did not come even as far as my house.

I want to know who's coming with us.

I can't do it anymore.

Was Brooke here when you arrived?

That rich family has many servants.

What does it mean to have an educated mind in the 21st century?