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What does your DNA say about you?

Good health for you and your loved ones is key to building and living the life of your dreams. Your genes make up who you are, and consequently play an important role in many facets of your well being. But, how much do you know about them?

ONEdna is a comprehensive DNA test developed by top scientists and professors at Prenetics. Your ONEdna profile can tell you how your DNA affects your health risk, nutrient absorption, drug response, and risk of common cancers*. This knowledge can help you and your loved ones take control of your health.

*ONEdnascreen is an optional cancer screen recommended only for those with a family history of cancer.


With a Simple Saliva Sample...

analyze over 300 of your genes

  • Cancer Risk screen is optional and recommended only for those with a family history of cancer.


What You Get

success A personalized ONEdna report consisting of over 50+ pages of easy-to-understand material

success A complimentary consultation with one of our counselors to help you understand your results

success The exclusive ONEdna mobile app where you can view your results and receive actionable health recommendations tailored for you

Improve Your Health With the ONEdna App

The ONEdna app is a simple yet powerful tool to help you live a healthier life, one day at a time.

Take a photo of your meal and get it rated with estimated calories. Your own dietitian can suggest healthy alternatives and make other personal recommendations to improve your health. Set a weight or health goal and track your progress. Finally, get rewarded for tracking your food and exercise with a monthly lucky draw with great prizes!

How it works?