Art, literature and ideas from the borderlands


Accepting Submissions

Nothing is true. Everything is permitted.

BlackLit magazine is welcoming submissions for its first online issue.

We are looking for fiction, non-fiction, hybrid literary forms, art, and anything that might be considered outside the normal realms of art and literature. We are looking for the dark explorers, the monacular and broad sighted, the occult geographers at large in the wilderness of ideas. We want serious - not solemn - writers, artist, and scholars.

We celebrate the freedom of writing, imagination, and ideas. We honour those things at the margins. We look at literature, comics, philosophy, biographies, fragments and poetry, each of a kind that may appeal to a readership with discerning but unorthodox tastes.



Submissions may be emailed with documents attached (pdf or jpeg are acceptable), sent to (716) 992-6347. For all other enquiries see the contact page for more details.