Italian is a musical language.

Tell me exactly what you heard.

Nobody had any idea what was going to happen.

There is no one there.


You're asking in vain for forgiveness; your act can't be forgiven.

Is there anything you want?

Danielle went to the airport to see Mongo off.


Dan didn't even realize that he had been swindled.

Expect the unexpected.

I don't want you to tell this to anybody.

Don't push me very hard. It's dangerous.

I can't explain anything.

Hein stood in the doorway for a moment before entering the room.

Cindie has illustrated several poetry books.

I wasn't the one who fixed it, but I'll pass along your thanks.

We are what we think.

You can't help but like them.

Johnnie wanted Shaw to stay a little bit longer.


He was staying in Paris in 1939, when the Second World War broke out.

I like horses.

He was detected in the very act of stealing.

He often writes letters to his parents.

Syed is boiling an egg.


The contest starts tomorrow.

He did not repent of his idleness till he failed in the examination.

You smell great.

Straka isn't guilty of murder.

I'm supposed to go to New York next week.

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I won't let anything bad happen.

We need to have a contract.

Do you really want to help us?

Are you working today?

They've gone.

She advised him against doing it.

I already knew her by reputation.

If you can't do the time, don't do the crime.

You are truly an antidote for my melancholy.

He didn't eat all of the rice cakes.

He's gonna have to throw himself on the mercy of the court.

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Likewise, it was nice to meet you.

Liza can't swim and neither can Darren.

I've learned my lesson.

Manavendra definitely knows how to ride a horse.

All the parking spots were taken.

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Don't even worry about it.

The classroom was so noisy I didn't hear my name called.

She took me for my brother.

All he can do is to support himself.

I'm turning it over to you.

Recently, no matter how much sleep I get, I just can't seem to get enough sleep.

"Ah, a raw egg for me!" "Is one enough?" "Yep, if I need more I'll top it up."


After having fought many hard battles, we were able to bring home the bacon and set up a new government.


She is more pretty than beautiful.


Colin saw something behind Randall.

The family assimilated quickly into their new environment.

The man reading a paper over there is my uncle.

Cheese and other dairy products do not agree with me.

Brandon turned off the alarm.

We tried them all.

His nationality counted against him.

Jinny looks like a deer caught in headlights.

I want to work in a company.

Please be careful not to let the dog outside.

I'm not sure this is necessary.

I think it would be good to talk once more with the boss.

I guess I'll find out next week.


I turned the lights out.

It's too conspicuous.

When the telephone was invented, how useful was it? Well, no one else had one, so not much at all! Like the phone, as more people learn Esperanto, it becomes more useful.


When are you coming to Lanzarote?

My aunt died an old spinster.

If you don't want to come, you don't have to.

I've seen Nici dance many times.

Do you go by train or car?

What do you feel like talking about?

He has a camera.

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Why have you been so miserable lately?

She hadn't given me her name.

Jack isn't here. He may have missed his usual bus.

But why would I help you?

Is that your new boyfriend?

The main crop of Japan is rice.

She had her blouse ironed by her sister.


He is busy all the time.

It doesn't ease my mind.

Gary and Isidore didn't enjoy walking in the rain.

You can count on me.

We've talked about this many times before.

Did you sleep at all?

I like to think that I'm fluent in English but fluency is ,of course, a very vague term.

I'm overdressed.

I can't find it anywhere.

I heard that Jean-Christophe has been arrested for killing her husband.

We'll get them to listen.


Taking care of animals is a valuable experience.

Dori has no close friends.

Your battery is running low.

Does June still play the guitar?

He's on the way to go.

He's still gotta overcome major difficulties.

She gave vent to her grief.


Scads of online daters constantly check their desirability.

This cat is Caleb's.

It seems like he knows the secret.

Such observations showed him obvious examples of chemical perturbations of health.

The correspondence is kept in several files.

She'll drop you off at the airport.

Were you at home all morning?

We're just friends. Seriously!

Kate hardly ever celebrates her birthday.

Your little brother has the face of a slob!

Rick is wearing a nametag.

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I took a day off to show her the capital as her tour guide

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The majority of the Swiss can speak three or four languages.

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There's a fire in my kitchen.


How long ago did you start learning Esperanto?

Seen close-up, things have a way of showing their defects, their innate ugliness.

I wish I had listened to Ozan.

They're too fat.

Is Trevor still here?

You're on to something.

The sun shines during the day; the moon during the night.


Sharon never was sophisticated.

The plant supervisor said to his crew, "Let's knock off for lunch."

Bonnie turned down three dinner invitations last week.

His nose is his best feature.

Here in the store we sell anything.

Have at it!

Syun took one of the shirts out of the closet and put it on.

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Ron is learning how to figure skate.


You are in no state to drive.

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We have to be careful.


I've always wanted to read that book.

My uncle gave me a book yesterday. Here is the book.

She is singing the latest popular songs.

I watch television.

I saw two men struggling for the knife.

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The risotto is delicious.

Do not mention the accident before the children.

There is one thing I want to ask.

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I guess my only question for you is why.


From the moment I first laid eyes on him, I knew he was different.


You can make it.

If you want to achieve the kind of success that I think you do, then you'll have to study harder.

It's not the same thing.

Keep early hours.

She entered this school last year.

She reached her goal.

Hwa gives me lots of advice.

What's your favorite way to exercise your dog?

I gave Markus a chance.

Do you think you'd like to work for me?

She used to drink beer.

Charlie doesn't yet realize he's in trouble.

Jianyun is a great neighbor.

The power of population is indefinitely greater than the power in the earth to produce subsistence for man.

He typified the times in which he lived.

She is always thinking of moneymaking schemes.

She has no right to do this.

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The table was groaning with food.

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Sheep feed on grass.

I don't worry about the risk.

Japanese is a quantum language. It is to languages what quantum physic is to physics.


I can't be friends with her.

The fingerprints left on the weapon correspond with the suspect's.

Floyd went too far.

Some guy named Allen said he was looking for you.

Ken went to the park to meet Yumi.