The way to a man's heart is through his stomach.

Cynthia can calculate at an amazing speed.

They are in for trouble.


My younger brother used to often stay up all night reading novels.

It could be a weapon.

Somebody has to do something.

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I planned for it.

Do it with me.

She looks a lot like her mother.


Konrad has never been in trouble.


I was surprised to come across vending machines that sell cans of coffee, where you can even choose between hot and cold ones.


I want to get these things done as quickly as possible.


Your lipstick's smeared.


I met my teacher on the street the other day.

Take this medicine every six hours.

What I looked up to in Shota was not his 'strength'. It was his heroic courage to put his life on the line to carry out his convictions.

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It'll take at least thirty minutes longer.

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Linley has had his chance.

Spass started to sing.

I don't like the way you speak your mind.

What you are saying doesn't make sense.

How old is Laurie?


To be an acrobat is the ambition of almost every boy.

Dustin is always punctual.

We must allow for some delays.

I wouldn't want it even if they were giving it away.

Why did Jos kill himself?

Alison smiled politely.

I ate him.

Hell! My network link is down.

I'm pretty sure Saiid's lying.

Paola is as tall as Kees.

How can video games inspire us to make better applications for e-learning?

We found out a secret door behind the curtain.

"Lost?" - "Yes..." - "Frightened?" - "Yes." - "Confused?" - "Yes!" - "Good! Ahahahaha!"


He no longer lives here.

Would you kindly quote your best price?

I already know how to drive.

Mechael is disturbed.

We'll wait patiently.

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Gilles said he wanted to watch a little TV.

She finds it a little distasteful.

He prevailed on the farmers to try the new seeds.

Our interests clash with theirs.

You can't put two saddles on the same horse.


I called my son.

What he did wasn't wrong.

We saw them last night.

Some brave passengers caught the pickpocket and turned him over to the police.

Why don't you have anything to say?

The kidnappers gagged Tobias and locked him up in a closet.

You can sleep here for a while if you want to.


Both of them are busy.


I don't know if I could overcome so much pain.


Never go anywhere alone.

After spending four years in jail, he was set free for good behaviour.

I forgot my pencil.

Can you describe it?

Nothing was to be seen but water.

Mr. Sato asked me many questions about the election.

Victor saved Farouk from drowning.

You're giving me the creeps.

If you want to, call me this afternoon.

Police brutality has been a problem for a long time.

Carrots are good for the eyes. Have you ever seen a rabbit with glasses on?


The majority of large Japanese companies depend on exports.


You need to do this first.

Jesse does not want you to know the truth.

I hope Clare remembers how to get to our house.

He said that he loves me and wants to marry me.

Where did you first meet him?

Kitty really sounds angry.

I didn't know that Betty speaks French.

Who is the woman dressed in pink?

I will understand.

The negotiation has entered upon a serious phase.

Young as he was, he was a man of ability.

Her father devoted his life to science.

It goes around the sun in 365 days.

You can't let that come between you and Julie.

His wish was going to America.


These bacteria have mutated into forms that are resistant to certain drugs.

Could you do me the courtesy of replying?

Happy birthday, Olof!

Is it the right place to sign up for foreign language courses?

Should I stay or go?

Can't you repair the damage?

Tandy is the only one who would know the answer to that question.

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Don't you think?

The clerk labeled the baggage.

I think love does not exist.


This salad is not sour enough.

Who will foot the bill?

Neville has done it enough times.

She's actually one of the only people I do trust.

Don't go to Boston.

I am very busy these days.

He came again after a week.

War is hell.

I'm so happy to see you.

He likes jelly.

I never actually saw Franklin and John fighting.

This might lead us to believe that a simple culture would make use of a simple language, that a complex culture would make use of a complex language, and so on.

Collin is a little weird.

Micah was unwilling to go by himself.

Would you like to read this magazine?

I figured this might come in handy.

The fourth period was moved up to the third.

This book is easy enough for them to read.

Kathryn said that he thought Raymond knew how to weld.

I've never underestimated Jerome.

The new nation is under the economic influence of Japan.

I wake up early in the morning.

Benjamin didn't have enough experience to know what to do.

Amy thinks that's crazy.

He's never had to earn his own living.

Hsi wouldn't complain.

The workers were furious that management had kept them in the dark about proposed job cuts.


What a nonsense he talks.

I want an ice cream.

He is apt to be late for the appointed time.

People prefer losing their ways to changing their ways.

I think she is over forty years old.


Refreshments are available.

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You don't know Harmon, do you?

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I am not afraid.

He could not rest until he knew the truth.

What made him so mad?


I want the same.

I bet you didn't expect that to happen.

You can trust him to keep his word.

You should work in the interests of humanity.

To solve the problem neither complaints nor tears can contribute.


I am no match for him.

You'll recognize them.

That wouldn't surprise me.

I have no idea how it works.

I want to sign the contracts.


She's trying to transliterate something that was written in Arabic.

He's over forty.

We think that the narrow road was responsible for the accident.

You'd make a good diplomat.

Nothing is true except what isn't said.

Why do you dislike Vicki so much?

Rees finished working and went home.

Success brings money and a lot of problems too.

I didn't recognise the tune.

You're not ugly. You're unique and beautiful in your own way.

Hohn gave a five-minute presentation about the influence of the Vikings on world history.

The boy went down the river on a raft.

I could tell you about beekeeping for hours, but I don't want to bore you.

It's hot as hell!

This distillery uses organic grains and distills its whiskey from scratch.

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We sat there.

"The key," he added, "is in the lock".

I'll go get that.

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We think of the plan as of value.


The battalion surrendered to the enemy.

My sister was robbed of her bag on her way home last night.

Please spell your name.


Bush is not a supporter of war criminals.


If I should ever die, God forbid, let this be my epitaph: The only proof he needed for the existence of God was music.

What happened to the others?

Charlie has everything he needs to do the job.

We are in a library.

What exactly did we miss?