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The mission of the Vincent Price Art Museum at East Los Angeles College is to serve as a unique educational resource for the diverse audiences of the college and the community through the exhibition, interpretation, collection, and preservation of works in all media of the visual arts.



Regeneración: Three Generations of Revolutionary Ideology

Regeneración: Three Generations of Revolutionary Ideology examines the transnational exchange and circulation of revolutionary and activist ideas through which political protest intersected with experimental artistic practices across generations, and between the U.S. and Mexico.


Wang Xu: Garden of Seasons

Wang Xu: Garden of Seasons uses Monterey Park’s Heritage Falls Park as the source for a lyrical reflection on the material reality of monumental sculpture and the manner in which such objects become animated through collective acts of interpretation.

guadalupe rosales

Guadalupe Rosales: Echoes of a Collective Memory

In her first solo museum exhibition, artist Guadalupe Rosales explores the radical potential of the archive in a new immersive installation that investigates collective histories within Latinx youth culture in Los Angeles, activates memory, and reflects on everyday experiences in communities of color in the 1990s, from private spaces such as the teenage bedroom, to cruising, parties and other forms of socializing.


Permanent Collection

Works on view from our permanent collection hail from around the world, and include pre-Columbian ceramics and textiles from Mexico, Central America and Peru, Modern Mexican masters and Contemporary Art.


Admission is free and we are open to the public.


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