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May 16, 2014

Our sincere “Thanks” to Liberty Bank Foundation for their ongoing support both monetarily but more importantly with ACTION that brings resources to the table to accomplish “together” what is not possible singly. Thank you for the grant award of $5,000!

February 5, 2014

Help Master’s Manna simply by searching, shopping, or playing games online at 740-293-9596.
Just follow the link, choose Master’s Manna as the cause you wish to help, register via e-mail or Facebook, and see all the good you can accomplish. Remember a little in abundance can make a huge impact! Thank you all.

January 3, 2014



2013 STATS

3116 Unduplicated individuals utilized programs offered at Master’s Manna

585,979 POUNDS of food was distributed

Number of Volunteer hours       15,966 (equates to EIGHT FULL TIME employees!)

Food Recipients

Homeless                           28

Meriden                              1524

Wallingford                       1247

North Haven                      38

West Haven                       14

Cheshire                              17

Durham                                11

Other towns                      42


Food pickups

Wallingford Stop & Shop                             Daily     

Wallingford Shop Rite                                   Daily

Wallingford WalMart                                    Mon and Thurs

Wallingford Edible Arrangements           3X/mo

Elizabeth’s Bakery                                           2X/wk

Thurston’s Foods                                             4X/mo

Cheshire Food Pantry                                    1X/mo


Care to sponsor a program(s):

Program                     Monthly Expense                    Yearly expense

Food Pantry                          $2,500                                     $30,000

Family Dining Center         $1,800                                     $21,600

Market Place                        $1,800                                     $21,600

Showers/Laundry               $500                                        $6,000

Vo & Ed Training                $2,200                                     $26,400