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Welcome to "Casa Kiliku"

Retreat Center, apartments, vacational rental in Quito/Tumbaco.
*Centro de retiro, apartamentos vacacionales cerca de Quito/Tumbaco.

The Retreat Center Casa Kiliku is a place created by artists. The furnished houses and appartments are built by materials from our volcano, with bricks or adobe and wood. Every space is unique: you can enjoy living in the Andes in “The Tower”, in “The Palm Suite”, the big “Star house” or in the little “Garden House”. You can participate in dance or yoga classes in the Sala Kiliku or give a workshop yourself. You can stay on the big terrace and chat with other guests who are staying here. Or just lie in the hammock and read or meditate on treetops dancing in the wind.

For us it is pure luxury, to offer a place for retreats and vacational rental in a rural environment at the edge of the ecological reserve Ilalo and so close to the centre of Quito, 25 minutes by car. Our place is made by ecological local materials and we promote a sustainable way of living, in the future we will promote permaculture projects.The taxi costs 15 dollar, and the little village bus, which takes a little longer, stops in front of our door. The new airport, too, you reach in 25-45 minutes, depending on the traffic.

The Kiliku is a little hawk living here on our volcano, the Ilalo. For us he is the symbol of freedom and as he is seeing the reality from high above, it means that our place helps give its visitors an overview of the Ecuadorian reality as a traveller, or for one who is just arriving in the country and prepares for a long time stay. The spectacular view can also help to inspire creativity and to develop projects of any kind, enjoying our green garden surrounding with flowers and old trees.

We love to share our paradise, where we are living and creating films, radio plays, articles or compositions the last 19 years. Close by there are places where the national and international community mingles, like the "CafeArte", "La Casa de Rafa" or the "Bio Market". Here you can buy organic food and German bread, having a coffee and a chat or enjoy story telling or a concert. All this places like to receive families with children, too. So not to forget, that in walking distance there is the alternative Kindergarten, School and Collegio Pachamama.

Just three km down the road in Tumbaco, you find everything you need: local shops, banks and shopping malls.

Our guests are International technicians and scientists, language students, travelers, artists, nature and ecuadorean culture lovers, diplomats, open minded people. First arrival destination for people who plan a long term stay in Ecuador.

So again: welcome to Casa Kiliku on the volcano Ilalo. (don´t worry it´s extinct)

Iris Disse & David Höner

Some Guest´s comments

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Chase – Canada

“Good Vibrations”

The vibe of Casa Kiliku is pristine and amazing and the energy attracts great people, as well.

Jordan, USA

“Happy land”

--How did I receive the space at Casa Kiliku?-- Comfortable. Attention to detail is beautiful. Very alive, lots of plants. Happy land. Happy dogs. Happy workers. Happy residents.

Natalia – Estados Unidos

“A great place to stay!”

5 of 5 stars Reviewed

Casa Kiliku is more than a place to stay for holidays. Here you find nice and welcoming people, who shares this beautiful place and its knowledge. In here, you will be surrounded by good energy and fresh ideas, which will invite you to explore new things which come from the jungle, of the local culture and of the human being (thoughts, art and yoga). Is a place to share! This review is the subjective opinion of a TripAdvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Manón – España / Ecuador

Paz espiritual

Casa Kiliku tiene una paz espiritual increible, me encanta haber conocido a esta hermosa gente. Amo los perros que viven aquí y lo mucho que me pude conectar con la naturaleza.

Sage – United Stated

Like at home

I felt very much at home in Casa Kiliku. I appreciate the details, candels flowers etc.

Damir – United States

Beautiful place

I found pretty easy to connect with Casa kiliku. It is a beautiful place, well designed. The common space of terrace was beautiful. I enjoyed eaking up and having my coffe, overlooking the mountains. Everyone here is wonderfull, very sweet. Very gratefull for everyone.

Devon – United States

Living in nature

Casa Kiliku is very serene and traquil. I enjoyed living in nature away from the busy polluted city of Quito.

Joselo – Ecuador

Familia de amor

Casa Kiliku: Un espacio donde lo cotidiano se vuelve sagrado y conectas con tu divinidad. Compartiendo sensaciones con mi nueva familia de amor. Es un magico lugar donde sientes el amor y la energía e los maravillosos seres que lo habitan; donde vienes a empoderarte y descubrirte. Bendito y agradecido por la experiencia.

Rodrigo – Ecuador

Energía muy linda

Los espacios de Casa Kiliku tienen una energía muy linda donde uno puede descansar, escuchar los animales, inspirarse con la naturaleza para hacer musica y arte.

Karin – Sweden

Love this place!

I love this place! It's very free, creative, playful and fun.I feel totaly free to be what I want. I get cretively inspired here, it's very beautiful and colourful, well designed.

Victoria – Colombia / Ecuador

Paz Absoluta

Sentía siempre una paz absoluta al llegar y me/ iba con ella al salir. Este lugar me ayudó a crear un balance entre el silencio, el presente, la paz y la vida cotidiana.

Michael and Katty Bernardi, Toronto - Canada

Thank You!

"Thank you Casa Kiliku for a fantastic week with family and friends to celebrate our wedding! You are the best!"

Bernardi Family, Canada.

Easy Place with Personalized service

We stayed one week, we enjoyed the place, the country. From Casa Kiliku we went to excursions every day. We feel like at home, it is pretty cossy, confortable and everybody at Casa Kilku payed attention to details.

José, Chile-United States.

Que linda es casa kiliku

Many thanks for all of the attention and kindness you gave to us. What a beautiful place. A truly nice retirement.

Kristina, United States.

Gracias por vuestro cariÑo

We love you! We are really thankfull for all you had offered to us. The accomodation the attention, your help orienting us in Quito and most of all the kindness offered! You already know but you have a really special place. I felt it at first when I made the reservation. We enjoyed this weeks a lot. Casa Kiliku has wonderful people!

Dumas Family, France.

Beaux souvenirs

Hello la Casa Kiliku. La tête pleine de beaux souvenirs, c'est un endroit magique chez vous. 
Nos proprios, devenu de bon amis, après le volcan au condor... 
A bientôt

Nicolas, Buenos Aires. Argentina.


What a wonderfull place that Iris and David have created here. It´s full of art, nature, quietness, little details, good taste... A wonderfull place for an insight, but still close to the city, or great places like papallacta... I loved it! And i had the chance to participate in some kundalini lessons, i saw hummingbirds everytime, dany and the crew were always available with smiles on their faces... And my room was very confortable anda had the most amazing view... i want to return! see you next time kiliku! Gracias y un saludo!!!!

Barbara Stutzel, Zegg. Germany.


Many thanks for the fantastic time I could spend in Casa Kiliku. These 6 weeks were very important for my travel through Latin America . I could completely relax and feel at home, enjoy a surrounding full of beauty, art and nature and use this energy for my own artistic retreat and work (write a book). At the same time – whenever I wanted to leave the retreat – there was heartful people I could share with and great places to visit (mountain, beach etc.). I surely will come back.

Barbara Lorca, Canoga Park. United States.


Owners speak several languages, are extremely knowledgeable about the country and take their time to explain everything besides being so friendly. The place is uniquely located and is unique on its own. There is yoga and Thai Chi in the morning. The place to be.
Hard to find. I strongly suggest you use the hotel's taxi to get there. Price is about the same.

Monica, USA.

Un lugar Hermoso

Me encanto estar en casa Kiliku, es un logar hermoso que creo que se va a ir para arriba. Tanto tu como David son unos excelentes hosts! Mil gracias nuevamente por toda tu bondad.

RTW - Family with 2 kids, Reykjavik

Stayed there for 3 months

We were so lucky to find this place. As none of us spoke spanish our original plan in our round the world trip was to stay 6 weeks near Quito and do excursions to the Galapagos, Amazon, the Esmeraldas, Mindo, Banos, Misahualli etc... But we fell in love with the house and Tumbaco and the ruff indian community on the Ilalo Mountain welcomed us and we ended up staying more than 3 months.

Casa Kiliku was supposed to be a basecamp where we would rest and wait for the next adventure but instead of waiting the stay was an adventure. The house itself is confortable, bright and very artistic. Located in this kind of cultural center we took a beginners Tango course, a weekly Tiger-dance meditation and contact dance was on saturdays... It all happened in the yoga sala, under our feet.

The mystical Ilaalo mountain top is 10 min. drive or 1 hour walk where you can watch the sunset on Quito and the moon jump up from behind a volcano. Our children (7 and 10) where well taken by the footbal trainer Gina during the week and every saturday there is a small tournament on Ricky´s private football field. They made many friends and cant understand why we had to leave. On sundays there is an other adult match at 15 on Brian´s field just below Casakiliku where participants fee is 2$ and the all players in the winners team have a taste of being a professional for few seconds while money is handed out.

Casakiliku turned out to be a wonderfull surprise in our travel around the world and even in Tahiti we were planning how to return to Tumbaco asap as there is a great children school (Pacha-Mama) next street. To stay in such a charming place with all the artistic details in the house and unexpected adventures in the Sala, was truly an inspiration that we will remember for the rest of our life!!!

Heike, Berlin

Amazing place to stay!

This is realy one of the best places you can stay closed to Quito. Its quite and natural, closed to the city while its closed to the nature! Its surrounded by a fantastic view and it gives space for what ever you might imagine! By the way you will be more than impressed by the harmonic architechture. This house let you feel home as its so cozy and spacious in one!

Alfredo, Ecuador

Wonderful time in Kiliku!

Me and my wife stayed at Kiliku for over a month. We discover an incredible site, very peaceful during our Honey Moon. Kiliku was a great connection to other places like the coast and the jungle. It´s hosts were very friendly and we enjoyed living in community with other people foreigners and locals. It was the best experience sharing ecuadorian culture and discovering flavors and artists. The location is perfect as it is close to Quito in the way to the new airport and main roads. A country side - city environment full of emotions and options to meet people and culture!

Katrin, Austria (German Version)

Ein magischer Ort

Überquert man den Bach und durchschreitet man das Tor das zu dieser wunderbaren Ansammlung verschiedenster Wohnmöglichkeiten führt, glaubt man in eine ganz eigene, magische Welt einzutauchen. Haben sich die Gebäude an die Natur angeschmiegt oder ist es umgekehrt? Die Frage ist schwer zu beantworten, jedoch spürt man sofort die Harmonie, die zwischen Bauwerk, Gelände und Pflanzen herrscht. Jedes Haus hat sein eigenes Thema und seinen eigenen Charakter. Aber eines haben alle gemeinsam: ihre Architektur ist zeitlos, durch ihre warmen und kräftigen Farben, den Holzböden und –dächern wirkt sie niemals kühl sondern immer angenehm und vermittelt ein Gefühl von Geborgenheit und Fröhlichkeit. Blickt man um sich, wird man immer wieder neue Details entdecken. Versteckte Lichter hinter Keramik, eingebaute bunte Flaschen, die das Licht durchsickern lassen, bunte Mosaike und vieles mehr ermuntern das Auge immer wieder aufs Neue, weiterzusuchen und in diese wundersame Welt einzutauchen. Eine Welt, die allen Elementen Platz bietet. Auch dem Feuer - in Form einer gemütlichen Feuerstelle mit Bänken auf einer eigenen Ebene am Hang, die für mich den zentralen Punkt des Anwesens darstellt. Dort durften wir zwei Monate den Torre bewohnen.

Wir fühlten uns sofort wohl. Jeder Stock des Wohnturms hat sein eigenes Flair. Im Erdgeschoß kann man vom Küchenfenster aus ins Grüne schauen. Eine Wendeltreppe führt uns in den nächsten Stock. Das Schlafzimmer hat zusätzlich einen kleinen Holzbalkon, auf den herrlich duftenden Hollunderblüten hereinhängen.

Der letzte Stock bietet eine atemberaubende Aussicht. Nachts ist man den Sternen nahe und zu seinen Füßen hat man das Lichtermeer des Tales. Wenn da keine Romantik aufkommt. Wir jedenfalls haben jeden Tag in der Casa Kiliku genossen und legen sie allen, die Beschaulichkeit ohne Langeweile suchen, ans Herz. Vielen, vielen Dank an die großartigen Gastgeber Iris und David, die ihre bunte Infrastruktur mit ihren außergewöhnlichen Persönlichkeiten ergänzen!

Katrin, Austria (English Version)

A magic place

Cross a little river and you walk through the door that leads to this wonderful collection of different housing options, we believe in a world of its own, magical dive. Have the buildings nestled alongside the natural or is it vice versa? The question is difficult to answer, but one will feel the harmony that exists between the building, grounds and plants. Each house has its own theme and its own character. But they all have one thing in common: their architecture is timeless, with its warm and bright colors, wooden floors and roofs it never looks cool but always pleasant and gives a feeling of security and happiness. If you look around, you will always discover new details. Hid lights behind ceramic, built-in colorful bottles, leaked by the light, colorful mosaics and much more encourage the eye again and again, keep looking, and delve into this wonderful world. A world that offers all the elements of space. Even the fire - in the form of a cozy fire pit with benches on its own layer on a slope, which is the central point of the property for me. There we were allowed two months to occupy Torre.

We felt immediately at ease. Each floor of the tower block has its own flair. On the ground floor you can see from the kitchen window into the green. A spiral staircase leads to the next floor. The bedroom also has a small wooden balcony, hanging In the fragrant Hollunderblüten. The last floor offers a breathtaking view.

At night, the stars is close to his feet and you have the lights of the valley. If there is no romance arises. Anyway, we enjoyed every day at Casa Kiliku and put them all in search of tranquility without boredom, to the heart.

Many, many thanks to the great hosts Iris and David, who supplement their colorful infrastructure with their extraordinary personalities!

Key Facts about Kiliku Guest House

  • Available for individuals, couples and families. From 1 night up to 3 months.
  • Free WIFI.
  • Spanish classes in house on request.
  • Outdoor open fire space and big community terrace space with shadow roof.
  • Child friendly environment within walking distance to "Pachamama" School and 15 minutes from "Colegio Alemán" School (Deutsche Schule).
  • Public transportation available in front of the house, buses every 20 minutes and good taxi rates.
  • Close to Shopping centers "malls", supermarkets and local food markets.
  • Quiet and relaxing "Oasis" 20km from Downtown Quito area and 20 minutes from the new airport. Good access to all sides of Quito, the Mariscal and the Old Town Colonial area.
  • Creative quiet place for artists and/or academic project development.
  • Workshop room "La Sala" available for seminars, theater, dance, tai-chi, yoga, meditation, tantra, music, shamanism and spiritual retreat.
  • The retreat house "Casa de las Nubes" on one of the summits of "Ilalo" Ecological reserve. 3km. up the hill from Casa Kiliku.
  • Easy access to main day tour attractions: Otavalo Market, Cotopaxi National Park, Mitad del Mundo, Pululahua, Papallacta hot springs in the Andes and access to the Rain Forest, Mindo and the Jungle.
  • Affordable day price range from 52usd per apartment (2 people - 26usd per person, 3 people - 17.33usd per person)

Contact Us and enjoy living in a unique place!

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