How it Works

Our enterprise platform receives data feeds from studios, enables online verification by unions, and distributes direct deposit payments to talent through trusted industry partner, City National Bank.
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Features + Benefits

  • Speed
    Data is processed and verified automatically allowing payments to reach payees in a matter of days rather than weeks.
  • Centralized Identity Management
    Talent register their bank account data in one location for the entire industry. The result is a simple and extremely secure payment platform. Benefits include aggregated payments and centralized tax document management.
  • Big Savings
    Automating the residuals workflow will save studios, unions, and talent big money. Exactuals eliminates the need for escheatment, all the costs of issuing paper payments, and all banking fees.
  • Industry-wide Value
    As a neutral third party, Exactuals has built its platform to deliver savings and efficiency to every party in the residuals ecosystem. Studios, unions, management, and talent all stand to gain from using the service.

Our Values

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