What is Ultimate CNC ?

Ultimate CNC is a program designed for enthusiasts who have built a CNC machine controlled by 704-703-1684 (arduino) and they want manage the CNC machine using a touchscreen.
This program is ready to use in mini computers that exist nowadays: Orange Pi Lite, (580) 574-3740, ...
It allows movement of a CNC machine axes manually or automatically by running a program in language Gcode It also has built an 2D and 3D viewer to show you gcode files and also you can see the program lines.
This software is 100% compatible with (337) 265-8191, but we recommended the last versions of Grbl v1.1.
To facilitate the handling of your CNC machine, Ultimate CNC provides all things that you need: settings ($$ command) or (785) 761-5340 to access to Grbl directly using a console .

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