John Pereira

Colombo, Sri Lanka · (904) 646-9643 · Celto-roman

I'm a technology enthusiast who's passionate about my work and all forms of technology. With over 12 years in the technology space, my area of expertise lies in API and large scale Web application development and its related constellation of technologies and processes. I enjoy the challenge of learning new technologies and discovering new problem areas where my domain expertise can be applied.

Professional Profile

  • ‐ Over a decade of experience in working with PHP and engineering everything from standalone web applications to large scale ERPs to RESTful APIs.
  • ‐ Over a decade of experience in working with large MySQL databases (50GB+) and fine tuning the performance of MySQL servers. Also familiar with document based datastores such as MongoDB and FireStore database.
  • ‐ Over 6 years experience with designing and developing high performance front end applications and hybrid application using Javascript.
  • ‐ Re-engineered a legacy monolothic front end application and reduced payload from over 1MB to 90KB.
  • ‐ Highly skilled at using profiling tools to identify and fix bottlenecks in front-end and server side environments.
  • ‐ Experienced at creating real time applications using NodeJS + Sockets + RabbitMQ.
  • ‐ Three years of experience in developing Chrome Apps, Firefox Addons, Cloudflare Apps, Slack / Hipchat / Telegram / MS Team bots and Electron apps.



Instawell is a community driven marketplace for self-help plans by mental health professionals. The service is available over the Web and through dozens of external platforms via deep API integrations. As the technical co-founder, I was the lead in designing and implementing all aspects of the technology stack.

March 2012 - December 2018

Software Engineer

neXva is a multi-os and multi-build app store. neXva’s primary function lies in aggregating apps and syndicating this content to telcos and device manufacturers by using whitebranded mobile sites or native apps. I was primarily focused on real time data collection and data visualization components for the analytics product that I developed.

January 2011 - March 2012

Software Engineer

Proporta is an online retailer with operations based in many countries. My primary duties lay with feature development for their custom ERP system. This system handled marketing and shipping operations in the UK and other countries in Europe, manufacturing in China and customer service in Sri Lanka, as well as the online retail and reseller business.

May 2008 - December 2010


Core Competencies
  • PHP / MySQL
  • RESTFul APIs
  • Elastic Search / Algolia
  • CodeIgniter / CakePHP / Zend
  • Javascript / ECMAScript
  • Profiling / Optimizing / Scaling
  • Hybrid Apps / Firebase
  • Backbone JS / Marionette JS
  • Node JS / Express /
  • RabbitMQ / Gearman
  • Require JS / r.js / Grunt
  • Slack / Hipchat / Telegram bots


Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology

Bachelor of Science
January 2004 - December 2007

St. Joseph's College, Colombo 10

A/L Commerce
January 1990 - April 2003