Welcome to Sanskar A Play School

At Sanskar Play School, we take special care of each child to provide an environment which is homely and friendly for their overall development and growth. At Sanskar Play School we believe in learning by during and playing. We designed equipment s, toys, curriculum in fun loving manner. As we know children’s are more creative in their age of going first school. So we designed all the activities according to them.

We set programmes that helps your child grow physically, mentally, intellectually, emotionally and socially with their overall development. Our curriculum is designed in such a manner where a child can learn through audio – visual, where he can experience the real world, thereby enjoying an interesting balance between learning & playing.

Our Activities


Children learn to paint

Puppet Centre

For Children to play

Table/Floor Toys

Every kind of toys for kids

Special Projects

For making learning fun

Music & Singing

For Children to learn singing


Children’s loves story’s

Computer Corner

child get modern touch of technology

Play & Learn Area

For Children learn about social skills by playing

Reading & Writing

Speaking, reading, Listening and writing together are basic and important part of a child’s learning process

What We Offer

Best Qualiy of Facilities
Best Quality of Education
Safe and inclusive environment