With our unique MasterCard special made for travellers, you get fantastic offers and the best bonuses.

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Apply today and get access to the best bonuses out there.

Discounts for all new members
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Why choose us

With the new MasterCard Travel, made especially for people who love to travel. No more having to think of exchange cost and feel comfortable using your card all over the world without problem.

An opening fee applies with opening of the account, this is deducted ones a year and contributes to the best bonuses.

Every new member gets access to amazing offers and the best bonuses when they make purchases with the MasterCard travel. If you’re a daily traveller due to your work or are just a passionate traveller, you can take part in special offers and discount in the form of tourist attractions, travel benefits and attractive hotel experiences. Every purchase you make with your card contributes to the best bonuses, and the more you use the card the bigger chance you have to get bigger and better bonuses.

The more you use MasterCard Travel, the more benefits you will get. If you use your card more than 7 times a year, your yearly fee will be paid back to you and you’ll get VIP offers from our bonus section. The interest rate for the credit card is lower than average credit card cost and you’re entitled to 55 interest free days.

The credit limit is on 5000 euros, but of course you’re free to top up your account as you like. Everything you do with your card will contribute to the best bonuses and if you pay all-inclusive trips with your card, you’re entitled to travel insurance with Atlas.

To apply for the MasterCard Travel and the best bonuses, all you have to do is fill in the application on our website and all the information will be sent to you. You have to meet certain requirements to be allowed to apply for the MasterCard Travel. You have to be over the age of 18 and you have to be a resident of the US.

Creditcard specification and bonuses
  • TYPE Mastercard
  • LIMIT 5000€*
  • VIP BONUS Use card at least 7 times in year


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