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For more than 10 years, we farmed with the aim of engaging in an ethical, organic, and sustainable way to manage and raise Jacob sheep on a 15-acre farm outside of McMinnville, Oregon.  We offer these hides as a way of spreading the beauty we saw in these delightful sheep.

Per the Livestock Conservancy, Jacob sheep were first imported into North America beginning in the mid-1900s, and most of today’s population descends from imports of the past 30 years. The breed has enjoyed widespread popularity among small flock holders as well as hand spinners and weavers. North American breeders have selected primarily for fleece characteristics, and the conformation of the sheep has remained very much like its historical description.

We identified these sheep as a good small-farm breed due to their good mothering instincts, beautiful wool, mild meat flavor, resistance to hoof-rot (very important in the rainy northwest corner of Oregon) and that each sheep was unique.  We could tell them apart even from a distance due to their coloring and horn configuration.


$110 to $160

Each sheepskin is unique and varies in size and coloring.  They have all been tanned as “washable” and we send laundering instructions with each sheepskin.

Cats, Dogs and Babies love to sleep on them!

(Thank you Queen Emily for allowing us to use your picture above!)