I just don't want to say the wrong thing.

Three meals a day.

Kriton rode the horse bareback.

He is wiser and more careful than Bob.

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Irving never should have eaten those oysters.


The result is opposite to what we expected.


I speak French a little.

Because I am sick today, I want to absent myself from the company.

I could really use a drink.

I haven't seen anything yet.

The world is a grand ball in which everyone wears a mask.

Nici looks deranged.

Your legume is OK.

My makeup has washed off.

She is completely absorbed in a book.


He had the good fortune to be rescued from the burning building.


We're planning to do just that.

I saw the honey, but did not see the honeybees.

As it is, prices are going up every week.

The jackal is howling.

Spike flosses his teeth at least once a day.

Is that what you came to ask me?

Men are simple.

Margaret asked Masanobu three times to marry him before she said yes.

Pay your dues to the treasurer.

He went backstage after the show.

Shihai is carrying a Chinese grammar book to go to Teacher Wang's place and ask questions.


I'm usually pretty good with faces, but I didn't recognize him at all.

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What did I forget to write?


She didn't give me her real name.


He has twice as many books as I do.

Many animals were drowned in the flood.

"Hey, what's up?" "Oh, not much."

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Delbert told Kathryn she'd just have to accept him as he was.


They shook hands.

I had hardly walked for a few minutes when it began to rain.

"I'm invincible!", said Luke before dying.

Times are extremely tough.

Any boy who should do that would be sneered.


Galen didn't object.

They have not yet heard of it.

Don't let them eat this.

The dictionary Wendell usually uses is very large.

If you look carefully, you'll find some insects.

I confirmed the order.

We added hundreds of sentences.


I thought you might be mad at me.

Which sauces do the Abkhazians use?

This year is 2015.

At least four were killed in the explosion of a car bomb outside a police station in the capital, Nairobi.

Is that your most favorite golf club?

He is a young man who really has the air of a student.

Are they your relatives?

He made little of my complaints.

I don't know his whereabouts.

We have to analyze that.

Oh, by the way, I have something for you.


I know where Timothy's office is.

I'll talk to her about it.

My television set is 15 years old, but it still works perfectly.


She laid a blanket over him.


I don't know if Dori is dead or alive.

They have been here for an hour.

She was sent to a psychiatric hospital for an indefinite period of time.

I enjoyed myself enormously, believe me.

I'm very mad at you. I don't want to hear from you. Now, out of my sight!

You're a goner.

I glued the last piece of my collage with success.

It was blowing hard all night.

You seem nervous.

Who is ultimately responsible for this?

Craig can't have gone very far.

We haven't seen each other since we were kids.

That was a dumb question.

Her eyes fell on the baby.

We're wildly looking for evidence of our own existence.

Over the last 2 years we watched him change.

I heard that Novorolsky has left his wife.


Could you please confirm the price by fax?

No passengers were hurt.

That poet lived here a little over 20 years.

I don't have to sell my house.

Marcel always tells the same stories.

Something you should know about me is that I stay up until late at night.

I'm too short to reach the top shelf.

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Doner Kebabs are one of Germany's most popular fast food dishes.

Sedovic politely thanked Srivatsan.

I'm having a good time here in Boston.


Sit near here.

Hui lied to Vick when he said he didn't know John.

I picked one up.

You are very good at sewing.

There is a great difference between liberty and license.

I'm pretty sure I can find a job.

He earns his bread as a writer.


She promised me.


They've definitely gotten a lot better.

Jill said he'd stay there till 2:30.

She is ignorant of even the simplest facts about science.

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I prefer tea over coffee.

Saify asked if there was still a police car parked outside.

I have to talk to you about Raif.

Can I open my eyes?

Have you been to Cairo?


It isn't a prophecy.

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While Adam was rock-climbing, he fell and broke his leg.

In general, she doesn't eat very much.

She admitted that I was right.


I think I want to stay.

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Dan said that he couldn't breathe.

Lana looked deeply into Heather's eyes and smiled.

Nici had so many things he wanted to say to Jay.

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I don't know why it didn't work.

Wouldn't you want to remember Andries always in this fashion?

Under the conditions of y'all not being able to fight in lojban, please don't fight.

I am working full-time at a bookshop until the end of September.

The Solar System has four terrestrial or telluric planets: Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars.

In my opinion, the meeting was a success.

What did Jack build?

The man who shot McKinley was Leon Czolgosz.

He trod on my foot on purpose in the train.


The lightning lit up the sky.


I didn't like him at first.


If anything, the economy in our country is going up.

Can I pay with a credit card?

The cows were moving very slowly through the long green grass.


I'm pretty sure Jisheng can speak French.


I am going to swim in the pool.


The public interest was directed at his judgement.

My mother made me clean the bathroom.

I think it's necessary for you to see him.

Why wouldn't they be happy?

I want to go to the beach.

The last flight for Osaka has been canceled.

Emma caught Amedeo looking at him.

I lost my key.

The ice is too thin to skate on.


Sam is going to go along with you.

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Is there anything to eat?

I want to travel all over the world.

The slowly walked backwards.

Will you screen me from public censure?

It is quite apparent to me that knowledge should be sought for its own sake.

How many buildings are there in this area?

There are currently more open apprentice positions than applicants.

He asked her to marry him, but she refused.

It may just turn out to be nothing.

Do you usually wear glasses?

Hazel is ironing his shirts.

You are blessed, oh Lord, our God and God of our fathers, God of Abraham, God of Isaac and God of Jacob.

I'll be right back, folks.

Peter and Carol were at odds with each other over where to spend their vacation.

I know you were afraid.

That kind of language ist uncalled for.

We are sleepy.

Why did you fail in the entrance examination?

America is a country of immigrants.


The rain stopped just long enough for me to dash into the cafe without getting wet.

It's not what I wanted to say.

We have no choice but to risk it.


Nobody knows what his destiny has in store for him.

She wrote on gender bias in science.

It is amazing that you won the prize.