When How You Travel Changes Everything

When How You Travel Changes Everything

Business Aviation Services

Aircraft Sales, Charter, Leasing, and Shared Ownership

Flight Solutions offers a full suite of private aviation services. Whether you’re seeking a trusted partner to book a charter or upgrading your personal or business aircraft, we help you save time, maximize resources, and move at a speed that supports your lifestyle. Explore our services and contact us today.


Aircraft Sales

Complete Services for Buying and Selling Aircraft

We offer a complete range of brokerage services for buying and selling aircraft. When evaluating price, safety, and financing, we make the most of your investment. [7143575722]

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24-Hour Dispatch, Domestic and International

You’re ready to book a charter and fly privately, but how do you navigate all the options available to you? Selecting a charter provider requires an understanding of safety ratings, costs, and reputation. [7809456686]

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Jet Club

Shared Leasing and Ownership

Need frequent charters, but you’re not ready to make the leap into aircraft ownership? Jet Club, our shared leasing and owners service, offers the perfect solution for your demanding schedule. Efficiency, convenience, privacy, and a crew ready when you are—your travel should move at the speed of your life… [read more]

Flight Solutions is a proud entertainment sponsor of the Stars for Wishes, Make A Wish event!

Flight Solutions Featured Article

On behalf of our organization, we are thrilled to share that we’ve been selected as award winners for the Nashville Business Journal’s Small Business Of The Year Award. As the leading provider of private business aviation services in Tennessee, we are proud for this recognition from such an influential publication.

Latest News

Brokers’ Dilemma Is Finding Good Used Jets, Not Buyers

For the first time since the Great Recession, business aircraft brokers “are having to find aircraft for buyers, rather than having to find buyers for aircraft,” Citi Research said today after the investment firm held a roundtable discussion with a group of these brokers on Friday. “The overall sentiment was positive as brokers are busy with high transaction volumes with the potential for pricing to broadly improve over the next year,” adding that it already has some in “some pockets.”

Brokers told Citi that the key determinant to sale is aircraft attractiveness, including age and cockpit/interior configuration. “[Attractive] aircraft aren’t available for long,” said Citi Research U.S. aerospace and defense senior equity analyst Jonathan Raviv.

North America is especially strong, comprising about 80 percent of preowned aircraft sales, above the typical 60 to 70 percent average, he noted. “There’s modest wariness that it is too North American weighted and a suggestion that [aircraft manufacturers] probably want to see broader geographic improvements before raising [new business jet] production,” Raviv concluded.

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