It's rare to meet nice people like you.

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This is a small acknowledgement of your kindness.

I was afraid of making the first move.

We've got to find out what it is.

What's the ambassador's name?

I'm very scared.

What a wonderful invention!

I'm in class on time.

Can we say "No" to the United States?

If he had studied harder, he would have passed the exam.

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You've got nothing to apologize for.

Have a good look at this picture and tell me whether or not you can find me in it.

Takeuchi's computer is broken.

I said too much.

He dropped his voice.


Dammit, who the hell's calling me in the middle of the night?


I still don't have a plan.

I should've stayed with him.

Dan received a note from Linda asking him to meet her outside.

He's an accredited representative of the Canadian government.

A mouse is a timid creature.

You need to apologize to us.

I didn't mean to interrupt you.

Come on, let me buy you a cup of coffee or something.

They'll have to wait.

Do you mean a total nuclear war?

At what time will the taxi go to the airport?

I warned Jussi once, but he didn't listen.

Eva began working for our company last year.

He's going to testify for us.

He could see the entire landscape from the top of the mountain.

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I used to do that as a kid.

He came back a few years later.

You should probably buy a few pairs of socks.

Even if they have a good wine menu, I will not want to dine here.

Norbert demonstrated how to core an apple.


There was nothing for us to do.

Irving turned to the next page.

Why did you ask?

I have no time to go to America.

That's none of your beeswax.


We gave him an apple.

I wish I hadn't cried.

She showed them how to fasten their seat belts.

You look like you're in pain.

Don't say anything to Sorrel about what happened.

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It will rain in the forest.


The perpetrator was Canadian.


He hit a home run in the first inning.

Raif and Marcel don't often do things together.

Don't try to do this by yourself.


How many samples?


So do you also speak English?

He plays very well.

Is reality really real?

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I can't believe Saify kissed me.

She hugged him a little longer than necessary.

The mother is dancing her baby on her knee.

Susan never bothered anybody.

This is rather expensive.


They are pretty.

I ate the bhajjis.

We'd like to ask you a few questions.


Do you know why he put off his departure?

Could Barbra really have said such horrible things?

Please take me to the station.

I am blonde, of course.

Nicolette used to play the tuba.


We'll be working.

Lanny is ashamed.

Tickets are $5 for adults, and $2 for senior citizens and children.


I only want you.

I love you, silly.

I do not like to share my ice cream with you.

I've just witnessed a miracle from God.

You hate her, don't you?

I spent a year at a school in Russia.

Air and heir are homophones of each other.


Do you think you would ever consider suicide?


List boarded a bus bound for Boston.

I could see traffic lights ahead of my car.

Arthur and Julianto seldom eat together.


I wish I could figure out how to embed a YouTube video.

They were one of my favorite bands in high school.

I can't take this anymore.

We live in a society; not just in an economy.

Are you a twin?


I might be able to answer that question.

There's really no difference.

The river was not so clean.

He was wearing a long black coat that reached almost to his ankles.

Is it true that you have a brother in Germany?

Tell your friends.

I bet Sue was real happy.

We looked out the window but saw nothing.

I wonder what's wrong with Israel.

I knew you'd find him.

Sharan let us all down.

Tim drives a black car, eh?

We suggest April 6 as a date for your visit.

It's not working.

This necklace is so beautiful that I'd like to buy in for my wife.


Unfortunately, a lot of horror films these days are poorly made.

You're missing my point here, Curtis.

Horst is a stickler for detail and is ideally suited for his job as a proofreader.

I need to be at work by 7:30.

Maybe we can talk to Gypsy.


Tigger offered to help us do that.

You've been a great help.

I love you as fresh meat loves salt.

The man has more bread than his wife.

I hope I'm not intruding.

I truly regret that.

I think Duane is going to want to see this.

Bioremediation and environmental engineering of Terra saved that planet from pollution and desertification.

Lea got a note from Stagger asking him to meet her outside.

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What reason did he give for being so late?

What happened to your eye?

He will surely succeed in his new job.

He is doing very well at school.

Neither woman was hurt.


The pride of New York are its museums.

I don't like them one bit.

A certain someone is being awfully fragile today.

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Take, for instance, your family problems.

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Athletics are an important part of school life.

This sentence allows for multiple interpretations that I need to consider when translating.

Who wants me dead?

What? That's what he called me?

It is very hot at night.

Troy had to cancel his trip.

I didn't vote for Slartibartfast.

How could this happen to me?

I really didn't know what to do.

Thank you for coming in early.

Prostitution is legal in most of Nevada.

Paris is a rather expensive city.

I have to say this.

It was hard for me to get out of bed this morning.

Kevan has to study hard and catch up with the other students in his class.

There's a bomb on board!

It doesn't make any sense.

Portugal has a very good team.

Dan threw his phone into the swimming pool.

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My younger brother really likes to take photos of mountains.


We have something we want to tell you.

What's the solution?

There is only one pass over the mountain.

I do it as I was instructed.

Where did you write them?

I could hear everybody cheering.

Luckily nobody got shot.

Stu taught Vladislav how to bake bread.

Count to thirty.

After long reflection, I ended up making things as they go.

John grew up to be a great artist.


I can't believe I kissed you.

Dion understood Siping.

The conclusion is crystal clear.

Blake is a good partner.

The computer froze up.

Everything Elsa did, Lievaart criticised.

Molly struggled to free himself.

Tait is being foolish, isn't he?

I just want to help fix the problem.


Most swimmers shave their bodies.

I'm not sure you'll have the time.

I want to work in Boston.