Why do I have to leave?


The word is not in my dictionary.

It's almost impossible to tell what someone else is thinking.

I have guests waiting.

Tal's not into mathematics.

I prefer going for a walk to seeing the movie.

That's some good advice.

Charleen has a cute girlfriend.


The brother of my mother is my uncle.

Rick managed to escape through a window.

Root left his office in a hurry.


Isn't that what needs to be done?


Everybody knew Caleb was in trouble.

It doesn't sound like him.

In parliamentary democracies, each party's elected members will hold regular caucus meetings to decide their party's position on upcoming legislative measures.

Steel is a widely-used material in civil construction.

Could you direct me to the bus stop?

What do you think of emerging markets like Turkey?

The dogs barked furiously at the intruder.

Sorry for the late reply.

Travis dropped to his knees.


You know where to find me if you want to talk.

Suffering many hardships and overcoming many trials to come to a certain point will test one's strength of will.

I've never felt better in my life.

I may have to call you later.

What was Marshall told?

The driver is responsible for the safety of the passengers.

Saul is recovering from his injuries.


I'm sorry, but it's no longer available.

Compared with his brother, he is not so tall.

I'm still thirsty.

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How was your birthday?

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Hey! Your ball just broke my window!

He insists on going to the park with his father.

Shirley won the Nobel prize for his research.


Do you think you'll be back by 2:30?


Kimmo is a stand up guy.

My girlfriend is a good dancer.

Just stand there.

He stayed up late.

I don't remember where I put my sunglasses.

Merton did a great job.

If you're going to the beach, count me in.

Walt had something he wanted to say. However, he couldn't fit a word in edgewise.

The jury were asked to allow for the age of the accused.

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I was doing some DIY.


I do remember meeting you before.

Someone who is carefree easily changes their tune.

The stolen money hasn't been recovered.

I'm still waiting for the test results.

You said this was going to happen.

Sir dropped out of the competition.

We lost no time in sending him to the hospital.

He's a gumshoe.

Ronni has found the problem.

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The bus arrived ten minutes late.


Rodent and Julianto played table tennis together.

I watched him.

Cherry blossoms last only for a few days, a week at the most.

There are more male members than female ones on this website.

There is nothing new transpired since I wrote you last.

If you want to set your mind at rest and relax at home, first you have to not think about work matters.

We are nearing our goal.

Niall sat beside me in church.

I am in a stew.


On the whole, Joanne has almost never been late.

You'll be receiving your last paycheck in the mail.

It's been a hard year.


Is there a restaurant around here?

We want Tal to do well.

An historical event on Tatoeba: on July 12, 2012, Esperanto outstripped Japanese concerning the amount of phrases and took the second place on the language poll.

Our plane crashed into the sea.

I think Kolkka will be late.

She's getting old.

I think you're missing something.

I'll never forget you.

I know Pam is allergic to peanuts.

Laser printers are generally cheaper to maintain than inkjet printers.

How would you like to pay for it?

We'd like a double room with bath.

They're already dead.


They won't find her.

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His English is improving very quickly.

I worked in Rio de Janeiro for two years.

Johan nodded and headed for the door.

I think it's really ugly.

Can you wait a few weeks?


The doctor told Mr Smith to give up smoking if he wanted to live long.

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My father has never been outside the country until now.

I like that, too.

If it is seen from a spaceship, the earth looks blue.

The roller coaster was really scary.

Bill told me he was planning to move to Boston.

Amos has been talking to Rusty about what he plans to do.

I forgot who I was talking to.

Edmund asked if Maria was married.

That's an interesting study.

He is not content with his present salary.

It will not be long before I come back.

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I didn't believe Ernie would ever do it.


I don't want Melinda going to your office.


I think we'd better not say anything.

I guess I was stupid to expect you to do anything.

Randell's was the first name on the list of persons of interest after Theo's murder.

What happened to my furniture?

Andrew became active in politics.

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She gets up at seven in the morning.

She was advised by him to come back at once.

Check all that apply.

He's currently in prison for tax fraud.

Traditions no longer make any sense.

How optimistic are you?

I'm satisfied with my work.


After a while he found out the answer.

I'm having difficulty figuring this out.

Wendy was sitting all by himself.

I want to get lost in Eastern Europe.

We haven't done that as much as we should.

What time does Sao Paulo play today?

He fell, twisting his ankle.

Samuel hit rock bottom.

Dozens of cars are parked in the car park.


He spared no pains to help me.

I'm no different from any other mother.

The boy loves this beautiful girl.

I don't hang out with them.

I thought you were going to help us.

I told Sofia.

He had many capillaries burst in his legs.

That's simply not true.

What you said surprised me.

Watch out! That car almost hit you.

President Jackson did not agree.

I think you're putting in too much sugar.

Oh no! I forgot my wallet.

I suggested that he go there at once.

The banshee let out a blood-curdling scream.

We'll meet in the theater.

They want peace.


What you need is staying power.

I was worried you wouldn't get here on time.

Santa finished washing the dishes.

Drive cautiously.

I fear that the clients aren't happy.


Micheal was ready to sing.

I think Cliff will never do what we requested.

I was hired to kill your friend.

We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.

The news hit me like a bolt from the blue.

Sergio was disturbed by the implication.

We remained very much in love.

Think has a lot in common with Raja.

Vick didn't have to leave.

It was in this room that we had the meeting last Friday.

It was Heinz who discovered the crime scene.

How did your date with him go?

I know all about her.

Have you already started to decorate?

In the book, Hort Town is a rough place where drug use is common.


Jess felt guilty.


You should phone Jeanette as soon as you can.


The value of his discovery was not realized until after his death.

You're introverted.

Nobody else knew Warren was going to be here.


Tokyo was really wonderful and the welcome the Japanese extended to us was also just as wonderful.


They're lost.