Barton and Len plan to get married soon.

I try to go to the market from the house.

He is not good at making friends and always keeps to himself.

She is five years junior to me.

Sjouke shouldn't have even been there.

Lester was out when I called.

The socialist insurgency expropriated the Apostolic Palace.

We've got to go and help Archie.

You idiot! Look at what you've done!

They had hardly started when it began to rain.

Can you manage that by yourself?

Vance is brash and impulsive.

Pedro returns Monday.

Do I look like him to you?


Don't be so superficial about such serious issues.


I was quite pleased with myself for managing a joke.

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I don't even care that much.


It is no use your waiting for him.

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What do you think are the racial traits of the Japanese?


What do you think of my idea?

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You've achieved a lot.

Charlene's sadness quickly turned to fury.

She wanted to test her limits.

I'd like to be on the team.

When it rains, the buses are late more often than not.

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We couldn't have wished for a better start of things.


Next year I'm going to Hawaii.


I'm going to slug you in the gut.

Venkata and Think look very happy together.

They both fell in love with the same woman.

He loves nightclubs.

Before saying goodbye to their neighbors, the Smiths had to tie up some loose ends inside the house.

Daniel is making coconut juice.

Are you three good friends?


But it lets us get into the church.

Emirates is child friendly.

At first glance this is not a bad idea.

If you are not able to hold your attention on one thing for some time, how can you accomplish anything?

I don't give a damn.

I'll come again some other time.

I am reading a book now.

She taught us singing.

Who will win?


I didn't put this here.

This chair isn't very comfortable.

I will manage. Mark my words.


Can you pass me the salt?

I need to know who helped her.

I've done it.

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I've never been on a ship before.

Are you still able to speak your tribal language?

Industry as we know it today didn't exist in those days.

Don't try to trick death twice in one day.

I couldn't bring myself to take the job.


The whole world is off its rocker.


I'm so stupid, I completely believed her.

I've got no worries.

The ruins are worth seeing.

Is the capital city of Russia not Moscow?

You cannot be too good to your parents.

I thought maybe you'd changed your mind about going to Boston.

He was caught for speeding.

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The new computer is ten times as fast as the old one.

I doubt that Urs has finished his homework.

Vice borrowed three hundred dollars three months ago.


Gunter made spaghetti.

You really are very sweet sometimes.

I'm sure I told you about that.

This is something special.

I'm glad to hear you say that.

I understood your self-interest.

Have you lived here?

He complained about the room being too hot and humid.

Would you please tell me when to get off?

These mittens keep my hands warm.

Jill and Johnathan live in Boston with their father.

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Rebecca isn't a very good tennis player.

Dan became a drug dealer.

Mosur was badly injured.

I started dating Himawan when I was in high school.

It's eight miles from here to London.


What is the letter about?


Society is composed of individuals.


That was sweet.


Drew was the one who taught me how to play the guitar.

A dwarf may stand on a mountain, but it will not make him tall.

He boasted of having won the first prize.

What has become of the book I put here a few minutes ago?

I had lunch with him today.

I like to take photos.

Do you think she likes me?

There's a little problem with the car.

"You must be tired after a long day." "No, not in the least."

This is totally unexpected.

Isidore is watching TV.

It was careless of her to leave her umbrella in the bus.

She's such a lovely girl!

The gang met up at the city dump.

It's my style.

If I set the language to "French (Canada)," then it comes out as "courriel;" but if I set it to "French (France)," it appears as "e-mail."

So far, they've found nothing.


It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance.

Be ready to help a friend.

The idea is very attractive.

Is something the matter? You haven't said a thing all day.

I have a low opinion of Cathrin.

Stanislaw's very upset about something.

Leila left just after 2:30.

Look at these photos.

She brushed my hair.

There's a fuel shortage even in the Tokyo area.

Let me alone.

Kate tries to walk on tiptoe.

I can't wait for Valentine's Day!


Some people are working in the fields.

We will let you know the time and date of the meeting soon.

Let me see the pictures.

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Robert has three uncles in Boston.


She is going to take the bus.


Well done, my friends.


There's nothing physically wrong with him.


What have you done?

Sangho might be sick.

I've heard that he won't be in this country for a long time.

Doesn't anything ever get to you?

Smiling all the time can be exhausting.


I'm from Tokyo, Japan.


Yes, don't worry!

How could you? Is our relationship really so cold?

I told you that.


Don't worry. I'll let you know when to turn.


They looked as if they would cry.

Similarly, the strongest reasons for stopping are usually the short-term benefits (for example, feeling healthier and more attractive).

We hate each other.

Blaine wants to try this on.

The teacher punished her students for using bad words.

They ruined each other by being together.

I really loved my job.

Salt water is more buoyant than fresh water.

It is mean of you to ridicule him in public.


Stop wasting your breath.

We just don't have the time.

Naren was very determined to finish the project.

I suppose I can ask Kerri.

I can sit anywhere, right?

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The two ships went down at once.


Thank you for your advice.

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What's with Josh?


To keep early hours is fundamental to good health.


He doesn't speak both English and French.


Jean will pay for it one day.

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Shall I fetch your glasses from the living room, Dad?

Brendan asked us a few questions and we answered them.

Christopher shut the window.

The time and date suited our coach.

All will go well as long as you are a good, obedient child, and I will take care of you and see that you want for nothing till you are grown up and can look after yourself.

As I'm not good at swimming, I avoid swimming out of my depth.

Who did you visit yesterday afternoon?