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Liberty Elite Services

Protection - Training - Consulting

At Liberty Elite Services, Inc. (Liberty) we provide our clients with the highest level of personal security, risk management, tactical training and a broad range of consulting services.

Our clients’ confidentiality is of the utmost importance.

Our clients include private citizens, chief executive officers, business leaders, celebrities, recording artists, professional athletes, Governors and US Presidential candidates.

Vigilance, avoidance, discretion and protective skills are the key attributes we bring to our clients. Being discreet and protecting your safety and privacy is the driving force at Liberty.

Liberty works with a limited number of clients each year. New clients must undergo a needs assessment, allowing Liberty to recommend the best strategy for the client’s objectives.

"I’ve learned that the key to success in Executive Protection is simple—learn what is critically important to the client and then deliver it with sensational consistency and quality of service." — Matthew W. McNamara, President