What he said was not true.

Food is running low.

Be nicer to Pete.


You've all underestimated her.

Wake us up in time for breakfast.

We went to see a movie with my friend yesterday.


What does this mean for Hohn?

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My boyfriend is stupid.

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I'd hoped to speak with her.


Sanjib is really good.


Let's take advantage of the 'exemption' controversy to reconsider the way we work.

Everything has its good side and bad side. Unfortunately, we usually see only one of them.

But I slept right through the class. Don't you ever sleep through an eight-thirty class?

The dentist pulled out her bad tooth.

The criminal tried to cover his tracks.

Tanya asked me whether I wanted to go or not.

Roy still seems upset.

Alexander had an alibi.

He has a house of his own.

Owen stayed behind.

I'm warning you that you will be eaten.

Aaron doesn't look like a child anymore.

Calvin put his hand out.

If you've got the time help out with our relative's work.

I don't want them to get upset.

That sounds quite promising, doesn't it?

We are even.

I can see it in his eyes.

Bea spent the whole day reading in bed.

She does not speak English, and let us not even mention her French.

Don't tase me, bro!


Nicolette wondered which one Glenn was going to choose.

The rich are different from you and me.

Justin's story brought tears to my eyes.


You've got a vivid imagination.

We reached London at midnight.

Sharan asked Serdar to do him a favor.

She looked pleased with her new ring.

I couldn't possibly go there unless you went with me.

You've aggravated the situation.

Will you pay off the damages in full on the dot?

Building the steel factory was a great enterprise.

Should we go and try to find Jamie?

Don't screw it up!

It's just stupid.


What did Marika think of the Swedish?

We have to distinguish right from wrong.

Sanford is good with animals.

Clem started singing a song.

How can I reach Damon?


Pretty clothes!

The meeting continued late into the night.

Why didn't he come to the party?

Is it OK if I ask another question?

Jaime seemed sad.

Even Elisabeth wouldn't do that.

Your own father doesn't trust you.

How many times did you get shot?

Ravindran kept his voice low so nobody could overhear.

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Triantaphyllos had a rough night.

Jean-Pierre just needed a little more money.

I fear that he may be late for the train.

"Vaishnava Jana To" was one of Gandhi's favourite bhajans.

A perfectly healthy sentence, it is true, is extremely rare. For the most part we miss the hue and fragrance of the thought; as if we could be satisfied with the dews of the morning or evening without their colors, or the heavens without their azure.

Major doesn't remember the last time he saw Kent.

The animals living on a farm are the livestock.

Gigi always tries to help other people.

Maybe we should've peeled the apples before we ate them.


They were very tired, hungry, and thirsty that night.

These birds migrate to North Africa in the winter.

Roberto didn't help me.

I just kept my mouth shut.

There's nothing to be scared of.

I don't want to live as a couple. It's like having a dog.

The education system is turning students into robots.

Prakash's passport has been stolen.

Are Piotr and Judith still in my office?

What don't you like about Hirotoshi?

Try to stop me.

Wait till the kettle begins to sing.

If you can use this typewriter perfectly in a month, you may keep it.

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If it should rain tomorrow, I would stay home.

I wonder what the normal life span of a cockroach is and if they ever die of old age.

Malaclypse loved to travel.


A car drew up in front of my house.


"I like music." "What is that supposed to mean? Is there anyone who doesn't like music?"


I want to buy the same watch as Jack has.

I don't like your name.

When was the last time you saw your children?

I can't manage without his support.

Ask Wolfgang where he parked his car.

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I also like this singer's voice.

You need to go home.

We're listening to music, and you?

The love I feel for him has already grown cold.

Why are you wearing a tux?

Things went very smoothly.

May I present Mr Hummer.

My sister doesn't have a car.

She looks upon him as a benefactor.


The United States exports wheat all over the world.


I thought Patricia would be happy.

I saw his pictures in Japan.

If you insist on going alone, please do so.

I knew what I was doing.

Roy denied having visited her yesterday.

As yet we have not made any plans for the holidays.

I got this job with my teacher's help.


I suppose you want to ask me where I was yesterday afternoon.


If my parents find out you came over, they could do something crazy.

People always seem to want to discuss their problems with me.

Space is wearing a mask.

Yesterday I helped the father.

Roland should be arrested.

We didn't play that well.

Connie makes a lot more money than I do.

That handbag is mine.

Can you believe this is already happening?

I'll be perfectly happy here by myself.

So you talked to Mosur?

Louis took a bite of my apple.

I get asked that question a lot.

He's always late to meetings.

Where can we find him?

I expect see her again in the next summer.

He was making a speech, but he abruptly stopped speaking when he heard a strange noise.

What took Nelken so long?

All communication with the mainland was cut off by the typhoon.

Please take a look at that picture.

Sue has been waiting for this to happen.

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No, you need not.


There's no mistake.

This plane is currently cruising smoothly towards our destination.

My parents are healthy.


Izzy was a little surprised by how well Meeks could swim.


I'll show you how to separate gold from sand.

They're brother and sister.

He caught the cord.

Let's leave as quickly as possible.

That's so hard.

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I told you to leave it in the car.

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Do you have time to drink something?

I'll wait right here.

Why don't you try to pay attention?

It isn't as cold here as in Alaska.

Sonja was freezing to death.

They did not oppose the project because they feared public opinion.

Clifford hasn't been officially charged.

Greece is a developed country.

What's the round-trip fare?

Let's go get drunk at the tavern.

Kerri tied an apron around her waist and then took the turkey out of the oven.


Let's sit where there is some shade.

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He's losing his looks.

Dieter didn't want to sit next to Presley.

Would you please get out of my seat?

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He preached to us about the importance of good health.


I agree to your proposal.

Blood cells are produced in the bone marrow.

Are you people lost?

We're got to get you out of here.

Why don't you get a little sleep?

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She won't call this evening.


I want you to know I'm willing to help if you need me.


All I found is a pair of scissors.