Good. Now go down with it.

I'm working it out.


If you like, I will teach you to play chess.

Many people, especially older ones, were very disapproving of Elvis Presley's suggestive hip movements during his stage performances.

Let's continue to do this.

What is the soil food web?

I had my wallet stolen while I was asleep.


She doesn't drink.

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Too much drinking will make your life a ruin.

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I think that would really hurt.

Linder says that he wants to live a simple and happy life.

What do you do in London?


His work is in engineering.

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They fell one after another.

I only care about Rajendra.

Better drop by his gallery if you have time.

I've never associated you with this place.

Thinking to get at once all the gold the goose could give, he killed it and opened it only to find - nothing.

The cellphone came with several applications already pre-installed.

She devoted her life to music.

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He is serving a life sentence for the murder of his wife.

We have a special connection.

She was named Kate after her mother.

You're the only person I know besides me who likes medieval music.

I think Kanthan is unbiased.

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If he doesn't get a letter from me once a month, he will reveal the Pope's secret to the world.

You've left your coffee. Don't you like it?

I've seen you do it before.


When did you finish it?

She might look more attractive with a little make-up.

I don't like him that much.

I eat breakfast at eight o'clock.

I haven't seen No around.

This orange is delicious.

Watch out for passing cars.


We'll take care of Ji.

Are there any letters for me in today's mail?

Could we get out of here?

Her excitement nearly bubbled over.

They tortured the prisoner first and then killed him.

I still can't get my head around what genius thought this was a good idea.

Your roommate is creepy.

My name's Ricardo. What's yours?

Don't forget to make an answer key.

The identity is related to the place.

He knows how to iron his shirts.

Stay away from this.

It's impolite to stare at people.

Please tell me what you think about this article.

I will never be your friend.

Norm was stabbed with a knife.

This is my question.

I don't think Ginny is innocent.

Vic got Hal to wash the dishes.

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I know Lex drinks coffee.

I heard that John wants a divorce.

I'll be back in just a few minutes.


I could kill you myself.

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I hear you've been hanging out with Eugene.


Spy has a sore back.

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For a while you will stay here with us.

I sure miss my friends.

Johnathan is training for a triathlon.

There's something fishy.

I went to Hokkaido to see the floating ice.

I thought it wiser to hold my tongue.

I didn't save anyone either.


Suresh is clearing his throat.

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I am going to buy a dozen white cotton handkerchiefs.


I'm putting myself through school, so I can't have things that are that expensive.

I play guitar almost every day.

Carter doesn't know all the rules yet.

Stop that right now.

I'm not going to sleep with you.


My father allowed me to go to the concert.

I suddenly feel depressed.

The sentence you're reading doesn't exist.

I can't move my legs.

Luckily, we have a plan.

I didn't strangle Shankar.

The product is vacuum-sealed to keep it fresh.

Nick is fanning himself.

The meeting ended at three in the afternoon.


You didn't prepare me for this.

I know you helped me.

Rainer can't get along with his neighbors.

He's a former student of mine.

Do you speak Polish?


It's out of stock, but I can give you a rain check.

Why is a raven like a writing desk?

This isn't the first time I've ridden a bicycle.

We don't know whether to believe Lynnette or not.

His train arrives at five this evening.

She's in a fairly bad mood now.

Marguerite may borrow my car any afternoon next week.

Erick has no chance of winning the race.

I have to leave because there's someone waiting for me outside.


Let's have a contest.

I'll do everything I can to help you.

Don't touch the flowers.

I need to charge my cellphone.

Rabin looked all over, but he couldn't find the secret door.


That lecture was a waste of time.

No, you don't.

I wish tomorrow would never come.


This is the house where he was born.

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How can I get rid of him?


I never want to have kids.

I can't believe I finally managed to do it.

Do you want a drink or not?

I was astounded that she can speak 10 languages.

Her father is Japanese.

The collection of wristwatches is a hobby.

Norbert has been very naughty, hasn't he?


At the funeral, the widow looked very dignified, with her black suit, hat and gloves.

Snow is falling thick and fast.

Don't tell him anything.

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Fortunately, Vernon did not get seriously hurt.

Gale pulled out a whistle and blew it.

Don't antagonize Rupert.

What do you usually do after school?

Have you reached a decision?

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Everybody is cheering.

I cannot see the advantage of doing that.

We think you're in danger.


What's your name, son?

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Roxie was afraid he was going to die.

I'm really happy for them.

Newly developed, IT-based, minimally invasive surgery techniques are currently gaining momentum, thereby revolutionizing healthcare in its entirety.

I really love what I do.

I move that the meeting adjourn.

The second course contains meat.

That could only happen if they were still in the country.

Izumi says he regrets doing that.

I want three sugars in my milk.

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He took on the difficult work.

It concerns you.

Barely a third of the population in this country have access to the Internet.

We can't just ignore that.

I have the best mother in the world!

They had seven children.

There are over 15 different kinds of pies.

I left all that behind years ago.

That would be a mistake.

I have an appointment to visit a guru in India.

You have a beautiful flat.

Someday someone will stand on the Martian landscape and take a picture of Earth in the night sky.

The human body consists, among other things, of two arms, one heart and two eyes.

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He's a well-known television personality.

His illness stems from his intemperance.

I think that style of dress will return again next year.

She spread malicious rumors about her.

They wanted a fight.

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Mikael admired Vernon for her courage.

It's a very serious matter.

Now I am a teacher, I think otherwise.

We don't know how to find her.

It has often been said that facts are to the scientist what words are to the poet.


This figure is supposed to represent Marilyn Monroe, but I don't think it does her justice.

I still want to marry Jennifer.

Where are you going for the summer?

There's no harm in asking.

Let's go early, shall we?

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My dad doesn't let me go to the cinema alone.