The girl walked slowly.

Masanao quickly fell asleep.

Obviously that's different for men and women.

In the Palatinate the pastor goes to church with a pipe.

Winnie should just resign.

Take mine.

One failure followed another.

The Chicago Cubs have won the World Series for the first time since 1908.

The dog answers to the name John.

Emily lost his car key.

For right worthily hath Phoibos, and worthily hast thou, bestowed this care for him that is dead.

Learn to keep time.

I cannot give this dictionary to anyone.

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To read books is important.

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I'm very happy to meet you.

Aimee will be shocked.

Damon's car swerved off the road.

This man is not reliable.

I've got my pride.

Maybe we should try to change that law.

I think I'll get a bit of fresh air.

The more she thought about it, the less she liked it.

Now, what is your opinion?

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I did everything I could to help Dori find a job.

I thought that went quite well.

He befriended a thief called Jayesh.

You are in very serious trouble.

An adult aardvark can weigh up to 100 kilograms.

Luke is absolutely wrong.

I always brush my teeth before I go to bed.


Do we have to get up early tomorrow morning?

Is food scarce around here?

There are some friends who are dearer to me than others.

Let me be your shelter.

You have stolen my happiness, Charles.


Yesterday I dreamt everything was words.


I don't like that anymore.

I have complete confidence in Suwandi and his abilities.

They skinned him alive.


We want Kylie Minogue to come to Turkey, especially Gaziantep.

Will there be a cake?

I've already had something to eat.

It can't be done.

Andrew became active in politics.

Keep your cigarettes dry.

The lake supplies the city with water.

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You remind me of my mother.

It's fifteen minutes on foot.

A man who asks his wife's permission before taking any action except breathing is a henpecked husband.

Anthony didn't close the door.

Can you help me with the washing up?

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It is inevitable that I will go to France someday, I just don't know when.

The weather is a shade better today.

Edward looked Kathy in the eye and asked her if she really meant what she said.

She beat off a big snake with a plastic toy bat.

When I considered beautiful things I found that there was nothing for me to do but to gaze and admire.

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You're not a millionaire.

Romain relapsed on heroin.

He blamed her for imagining that she was sick.

The manufacturing sector is a frenzy over the new monetary policy.

Harmon sat down on the couch next to Brandon.


I love my cat.


She made plans.

He opened up the verbal battle.

I'm watching figure skating.

I'm afraid it's rather cheap.

Julia is married and the father of a daughter.

Is he dead?

All sorts of rumors rose about her past.

His wife hated his mistress, and vice versa.

He hopes he'll win and I hope so too.

It was not until I visited Australia that I realized how small Japan was.

You can't disguise sad eyes.

How've you been, Syun?

The car turned right when it reached the corner.

If it should rain, the game will be called off.

The doctor is gentle with his patients.

He prays several times a day.

I hope that you are good.

He has only one aim in life, to make money.

We are never so happy nor so unhappy as we imagine.


Don't keep me in the dark about it.


You must help your friends.

It's self-evident.

I've got some good news for you.

Where did you curse them?

Venkata's amused.


What do you call these?

They ate lunch together.

A herd of friesian cattle graze in a field in British countryside.

Norm isn't here.

I wanted to speak in French with Gunter.

Susan is indifferent to politics.

Was he in the army?

They will boycott that product.

Don't leave me.

We need to finish this before Dorothy gets here.

You should have her arrested.

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You're going to have to come with us, Kimberly.

Jeany will be arriving an hour late.

What did they replace?

The butcher is weighing the meat.

I don't like Esperanto, because it is too difficult.

The baby is too short to get at the drawer.

I enjoyed working with Joni.

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Ninja gave Roxane a pair of diamond earrings.


Happy Halloween!

Take my hand and look me in the eye.

What will become of the children after his death?


I'm not the least bit interested in finding out who my birth parents are.

He's got the flu.

Which house are you staying in?

I still love this bicycle.

What a glorious fall day. This is what they mean by the lovely weather you get after a storm.


In early days pioneers lived in houses made of mud and straw.

It won't help you.

He was born to be a painter.


It's astonishingly beautiful.


I think Wayne didn't understand the question.

Scientists are slowly piecing together the mechanism of aging.

I can't keep doing this.

Manjeri showed the bartender his ID.

You can call me Syun.

I hope it went well.

Please come in and make yourself at home.

The Chinese New Year is also known as the Spring festival or Lunar New Year.

I live in town.

He put the entire blame on his brother.

We're busy, Triantaphyllos.

They know how to make an atomic bomb.

Kurt bent down.

She spends her days tapping away at her computer keyboard.

I know more than you do.

I've just learned the news.

I have no reason to lie to you.


How much does that cost per day?

Our new school building is under construction.

If you've forgotten everything, then why do I remember everything?

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An unnamed assailant fired a shot at the mayor before disappearing into the crowd.

Please leave a message.

Coleen is also a salesman.

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Is that dangerous?

I took a trip to Nikko last week.

Melinda said that he likes to swim.


You've done this before, I can tell.


When will this all end?

He was the first to arrive.

I wouldn't lose any sleep over it.

I'd like to ask you about them.

Did you ever date her?

I met her at her house.

The audience went crazy.

I'm a lousy fisherman.

After the politicians had been elected, they threw their election platform into the fire and pondered how they could make themselves rich as fast as possible.

Linda is a beautiful name. It means "pretty" in Spanish.

We have known each other for a long time.


You can take that with you.

Hey, guess what I'm doing tonight.

They win hands down!

Yesterday is when I bought a car.

I thou thee, thou traitor!

Would you stop calling me that?

It would help if we could talk to Tahsin.

Are you really that oblivious?

Come on over to have a try.


Something is the matter with this TV set.

I didn't know you cared!

Rayan doesn't have to buy anything right now.

Belinda has been misinforming you.

I think we should let Emma do what he wants.