EEO Certification Can Set You Apart

The Energy & Environmental Optimization Program, or EEO, is a program that helps qualified contractors improve their ability to target, develop and propose value-based energy projects. The EEO Training and Toolset equip participants with tools to reduce sales time, increase close-rate and grow energy project size and profit. Helping your customers implement energy efficiency projects is critical to your business, the EEO Program will teach you how to do it better.

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EEO-Certified Contractors Take Energy Efficiency Seriously

EEO-certified professionals can help you evaluate opportunities for energy efficient projects and identify real-world actions for implementing projects. Use the Dealer Locator to locate an EEO-Certified professional in your area.


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“I have attended what seems like 100’s of Corporate Training classes and this is one of the best.”

“I’d like to say that I am quite impressed with the way you've put this together, especially the opportunity rating and sales portions of the program.” 

"It was a great course and I look forward to getting the rest of our sales team through the process. "

"I used the Prospecting Phase [from the EEO Toolset] on a job this morning... I can’t wait to get to the job next week and implement the rest of the program.”


Watch and listen to what's being said about the Energy & Environmental Optimization Program!

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