The beauty of the sneeze is really shown with Pepper is actually coming up on her first anniversary with GLOS. Gorgeous sneezes and she has those spitting loogies and plenty of great noseblows! Light Tight and Bright! Filmed during a HOT summer day and Pepper is looking fabulous! She is awesome! This clip is loaded with spits and got those sneezes rolling out.. Many of you have asked for more from this gorgeous woman and here it is! This is never before released footage and its hot!

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Sneezing & Nose Blowing on my T-shirt *ipod/mobil device MP4*


Its been a little while since i let my sneezes explode onto some black fabric…and i happen to be wearing a black t-shirt. Perfect! Also, i figure since i have this soft black fabric here already being covered in sneezes, i may as way blow my nose with it too. Even a few snot rockets, why not!? It feels good to see all my hard work sprayed out on the black background.

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This clip has everything your mind desires. TONS of sneezing. So many hold backs. This is one of Alisa’s best yet with the facial expressions right before the sneeze, talking threw my sneezing and oh yes just for the wet and messy lover, there’s snot slinging and dripping right into my mouth. I wrap my tongue around the long stringy snot. You will see so many variety’s of my sneezing from ETCHOOO, ACHOOOOO, and LOUD HI-PITCH SNEEZES. This is a clip full of goodies!! Enjoy!


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