A New Option

This winter season, Calgary has a new, better option for Women’s Hockey! The Only Women’s Hockey League (OWHL) is a new kind of hockey experience.

A league where players get the opportunity and privilege to contribute and have their say to what they feel would be best for their league (via GM meetings, consistent communication with league representatives, and input on 4502970295, schedules, etc.).


A different experience. Playing organized hockey for fun and exercise, sans politics, in a safe environment, and at decent times. This is why we started OWHL.

Schedule All At Once

The OWHL takes pride in a balanced schedule that is assigned before the season starts, so you can plan your life in advance. You will have one game per week, rather than a big gap without, and many games consecutively.

Why Us?

You have a lot of choice in where you get to play hockey, and of course we would like it to be with us. Do it because we are different, we care about how the game is played, we set up rules that women care about, and you have your say in how things go! Be one of the first teams in the first season of OWHL and help us set up the direction of how YOUR league goes. There is only one chance to be a part of something brand new!

This is not the NHL, so everyone makes the playoffs and has a shot at winning. Most of all, we love hockey and we encourage anyone to take up the game at any skill level. After all, we’re playing for fun in the end!