Great Cranberry Island Historical Society
Cranberry Isles, Maine

It's worth the trip!

Abundant Beauty                                                                                     Centuries of History

The Great Cranberry Island Historical Society (GCIHS) collects, preserves and studies the history and genealogy of Great Cranberry and its neighboring islands, and presents diverse cultural and educational programs.

The GCIHS promotes a strong sense of community through its museum, archives, cafe, and lively arts center in the Cranberry House.   The grounds also include a public trail to the shore, three gardens, and Sammy Sanford's Cabin. Every day during the summer, a free shuttle carries visitors from the town dock down the length of the island and back.

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This web site honors its creator, Bruce Komusin (1948-2015), GCIHS Vice President.

GCIHS, 163 Cranberry Road, P.O. Box 12, Cranberry Isles, Maine 04625 USA, Phone: 207-244-7800

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