GnomeScore is the one online rank you can trust.
It allows you to know people better – once you know that they’re worth knowing! First impressions can be hard to count on; with someone’s GnomeScore (Know-Me-Score) you have a tool that gives data to support your intuition. And other people know what they can expect of you, too!

About GnomeScore

GnomeScore (Know-Me-Score) users are able to get to know everyone that they engage with online better. GnomeScore provides a reliable and advanced indication of genuine personalities that users can trust.

Trust is the most important feature of GnomeScore

In our age of information overload it can be hard to build trust through digital platforms. Trust is hard to come by and can take time to develop. GnomeScore is designed to assist users in building superior trusting connections with people online. GnomeScore empowers you: you can have confidence in the people you’re interacting with, through the simplicity of one profile.

GnomeScore enables users to have confidence in making new connections online through rigorous screening of users and the use of advanced information analytics.

We have developed a new and advanced set of algorithms that combs digital profiles from across the web, and then uses our metadata to analyze digital behaviour, provide a measure, and render it into a singular profile that you know you can trust


How it Works

First thing’s first, GnomeScore isn’t “just another profile” for you to build and maintain. We already spend enough time uploading pictures to Instagram, sending Tweets, and connecting with friends of Facebook.

You don’t have time for one more profile! We know that, you know that, and, y’know that’s okay.

That’s why Gnome Scores needed to be different. GnomeScore works by using our existing activities and behaviors to build a profile from everything we already like to do online. No extra work, no extra effort.

And this is good for two main reasons:

First, as a user who’ll have a GnomeScore you don’t need to update it or worry about keeping it fresh. Just continue with your day-to-day digital activity and we’ll synthesize your online activities – doing all the hard work for you. GnomeScore builds a profile that takes everything into account.

Been busy selling on eBay this month, but haven’t used Airbnb for a while? Our algorithms will constantly update to reflect your trustworthiness, based on good reviews you’ve been getting for the last couple of years, plus that five star rating you received yesterday.

The second reason the hands-off approach is so good is that when you see someone else’s GnomeScore, you know it’s real. The profiles we have already are like cover letters written to make ourselves seem the best in every way.

But when you want to rent a car or house from someone or meet someone for a date you want a fuller picture. That’s why GnomeScore’s include lots of different online profiles--plus information such as criminal convictions and driving records.

Gnomescore puts you in control

GnomeScore profiles show you, the user, what the reason for their score is. This puts you in control.

Let’s say I’m checking up on someone’s GnomeScore before I buy a product from her Etsy store. I want to make sure the product will arrive on time. Therefore I’m more interested in customer satisfaction when she’s sold through eBay or Amazon.

It might not bother me that they have speeding tickets, but it sure would if I was thinking of ride-sharing with them.

By building profiles from lots of different sources, GnomeScore stops users from painting an overly rosy picture of themselves or gaming the system. Neither is it one-dimensional; unlike credit scores your GnomeScore provides details and context and not just a number that approves some people and disqualifies others.

GnomeScores are not about yes and no, good or bad. GnomeScores are about me getting to know you, and you getting to know me, in all the different and varied ways we use to build trust with those around us.


"Knowing Me, Knowing You"

And GnomeScore empowers you as a user and service provider in the sharing economy. The words of the song summarize the mission of GnomeScore: to be able to know each other better.

Generating a GnomeScore can help people in different ways here are just a few of the types of people that might use GnomeScore:

The Self-Starter

In the worldwide-web it can certainly seem like a very wide world in which to try to make a difference and stand out from the crowd. GnomeScore allows self-starters and entrepreneurs with great ratings from across a variety of sites immediately to build a strong and trustworthy presence online. We want to give potential customers confidence in hardworking and reliable self-starters.

The Bargain Hunter

We salute you thrifty ones! There’s a whole lot of treasure out there online, but also a whole load of trash. With GnomeScore you can be sure that the sellers are genuine and reliable people (disclaimer: while GnomeScore is a great judge of character we don’t judge taste! That ‘authentic neon 80s sweater’ might look great or plain awful!).

The Explorer

Discovering the world through travel is an exciting and deeply enriching adventure. GnomeScore provides explorers safe passage and a good night’s sleep with confidence in who can drive you through Dubai without danger, or whose sofa is the softest in Sydney.

The Romantic

Love. It is the strongest emotional connection to another person that you can experience. GnomeScore can’t promise to find you ‘the one’ to waltz into the sunset with, but it can provide you with the first step: Trust.

The City Dweller

Living in a big city is great. Life is fast and there’s always something to do. You have the potential to make new friends everyday. But sometimes when you need something specific you find yourself in a sea of strangers. GnomeScore enables you to make new connections when you need them, and allows you to get back you in the rat race!




A simple service you can trust. Essential package includes: Your own GnomeScore to enable confidence in others, access to GnomeScores of other users including images, overall analysis of authenticity, and online history.



$29.99 /month

A premium service that really delivers. Includes all of the essential elements of GnomeScore plus credit score analysis and other nifty features that allows people you connect with to get to know you better, quicker.



$49.99 /month

Knowledge is Power. With our premium service you have access to all the information you would need to get to know people online—and you can put your best face forward. GnomeScore Platinum is a serious investment for those who want to be in the know about the contacts they have online. Criminal background checks, greater personalization, and advanced customer service options are all included in this option.