When they carved it, the Pyramids of Giza officially did not exist yet. Stonehenge did not exist. Writing did not even exist. Yet the Shigir Idol, thousands of years old, produced by an unknown Stone Age artist, seems to contain information encoded in the form of symbols.

The sculpture represents a stylized human being, with a round head and a long flat body. It was discovered in a bog in Siberia: the anaerobic environment has preserved the larch wood and the geometric signs that decorate it.

According to Svetlana Savchenko, a researcher at the Museum of History of Ekaterinburg, where the find is kept inside a glass case, understanding the meaning of the statue will help to understand how the Mesolithic Man interpreted the world.


Guide explaining how to start working wood and becoming experts in cabinet making

So you want to become a real cabinetmaker expert? Do you want to work with wood? Your biggest aspiration is that of the do-it-yourself carpenter, or you want to furnish your home alone (without having to spend a lot of money on artisan work), or you are among those people who want to find a new pastime to brighten up your free time with something constructive and “artistic”? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

This is a guide that teaches and explains the best methods for woodworking to those who, like me, are often asked “but how do you work wood for those who are beginners and want to do DIY at home ?



Starting to work wood by hand is not difficult. First of all we need to get some wood. You can also do it, for example, from the backyard, collecting reeds or branches of trees. If you do not have a home, you can also buy wood from a carpenter or from specialized dealers (even online).

There are many online reviews that talk about wood and how you can start working it.

But not many explain the effective method for woodworking and achieve good results. It is not difficult, as already mentioned.

However, we need the best materials and tools to work properly. The price is not high, therefore accessible to most people. And these tools can be sent directly to the home. You can find them in cabinet making, and then there are many shops and online shops (Amazon one among many) that offer products for carpentry, professional and do-it-yourself, and often shipping is also free.


The carving of wood is a very ancient art practiced initially by shepherds and peasants and then became an important branch of craftsmanship especially in the Alpine area. The simpler carvings practiced by these “poor artists” then evolved becoming real sculptures. To date, wood carving is practiced more as a hobby than as a real craft, so much so that in some regions schools have been developed to start enthusiasts in this particular form of art. If you are a beginner too but want to try your hand at carving, this is the right guide for you. In the following steps you will find, in fact, some basic notions to start sculpting wood.