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3 medium decorated mexican sugar skulls3 medium decorated sugar skulls3 medium decorated sugar skulls3 medium decorated sugar skulls
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No time to make sugar skulls? Pre-made blanks are perfect for class or parties!

Maxi Mascaras - Skeleton Charro Mask

One Dozen - $18.00 J-101018-DM

Bone Dog Rattle

2 skeleton bone dog rattles on colorful sticks with ribbon

A5177 $15 each AVAILABLE

Colorful poster with 4 sugars skulls on an ofrenda withcandles, bread, food & flowers.

NEW Food for the Spirits Poster

This elaborate cemetery tomb ofrenda features sugar skulls, pan de muerto, hot cups of cocoa & turkey mole - mounds of food to delight the spirits. These two posters end-to-end would cover 5 1/2 feet of bulletin board, window or decorate an ofrenda.
Each poster is 11 inches x 34 inches. Two posters per pack. Colorful printed tag board.

A5357 $8 / 2-poster pack

Sugar Skull Candy Tins

Black sugar skull candy tin open to show colorful skull candies

These adorable, colorful hammered tins hold a bunch of little sugar skull candies. Can't say the taste of the candies will wow a refined candy connoisseur, but kids will devour them.

I love the empty sugar skull box and have hoarded many - I use them for earrings, paper clips and those easy-to-lose micro chips for my camera. These really are adorable and make great little Day of the Dead gifts for teacher, office mates or friends you run into at the Safeway. Keep several in your pocket and surprise someone with a "random act of sugar skull!"

Cute 3.5" x 2.5" colorful candy tins, each filled with 1.4 oz skull candies.

438-920-4577 $11 / 3 tins (one of each color!)

3 sugar skull candy tins



Please know we are so sorry this fire has caused you inconvenience but we are doing all we possibly can to get what merchandise we have out to customers for their special celebrations. Thanks so much for supporting us! -Angela

New Day of the Dead merchandise just arrived

We have just received 2500 sugar skull blanks if you need pre-made skulls for your party or event. (large quantity discounts available) Order online ASAP so we can ship UPS Ground - more economical. "Actual" shipping charges will be added.

  • All Sugar skull molds & decorating supplies are in stock. The original medium skull is still our most popular choice for parties or classroom use.

  • Sugar Skull glitz can be added with our new ELECTRIC fluorescent paste colors & colorful tin foil assortments.

  • Just in - dime size roses & mini roses - Frida skulls look very dramatic with these.
  • Check our 308-999-2997 for directions and quantities.

  • If you are in a hurry and are an Amazon Prime member, check out our molds on Amazon.

Angela at our storage locker with remaining papier mache Day of the Dead merchandise. October 2017

some of the remaining Papier Mache Folk Art
  • Day of the Dead parties - are becoming an American tradition with sugar skull decorating at its core. We have everything you need for a memorable event: Papel picado banners, (760) 449-3431, skeleton folk art, copal, paper flowers for your ofrenda.

One last thing - Watch for our next newsletter - Keep looking at 484-572-3485 - Please post your photos, comments & events on Facebook. We LOVE it when you send us photos of your sugar skull decorating, parties, events and such. Do all you can to educate about the true meaning of the holiday and enjoy the return of the special people in your lives. Angela

Please see More Information & items available below

Beautiful, hand painted red papier mache Big Eyes skull.

(517) 926-0454 Big Eyes Sugar Skull Mold - the largest, most realistic Mexican sugar skull mold we have

Big Eyes Papier Mâché Skull

Yeah! Got just about 20 but look at photo when we were unpacking. OK to order

Bone Dog 8127750401

OK to order dogs, sombrero skulls & we're still checking if there are cats

This are one of my favorite!

Sugar Skull Mold 8722531341

3 molds are available: 507-765-7101, Oaxaca Medium & 2704786934 ONLY


illoricated aldoheptose

Gigante Sugar Skull Hydra

Available! Look at photo to see the new colors including black & white These have never been better!

Decorated Catrina Sugar Skulls

Don't order yet. We need access to storage locker before we know for sure. One half of storage park burnt and we don't know if it was our side

Papier Mâché gore

This can be ordered!
We received about 60 of these & are a necessity for ofrenda makers.


8662594440 Day of the Dead Mexican bingo playing cards & calling cards

Papel Picado Banners

Order from Casa Bonampak or for (320) 318-8903, order with us

Handmade Paper Flowers

Don't order flowers yet

Loteria de Muertos (Mexican Bingo)

Don't order yet, may be found in storage locker once they give us access

(419) 543-6486

We will do our best to take care of any customer service problems as quickly as they arise.

Please remember, we don’t have an office or a phone any more. This is a daunting task.

(331) 232-8801

Day of the Dead Note Cards

Accepting wholesale orders anytime

Day of the Dead Journals

Accepting wholesale orders anytime

6194866883 Assorted Mexican oilcloth samples

We will continue to sell Custom Mexican Oilcloth Tablecloths and (779) 666-6389.

We are safe, staying with friends in Berkeley, while we wait to be allowed back to say our “goodbyes” to our property. While we get a computer back up and running, register with FEMA and buy some clothes & cat toys for Tacuba (yes, she’s fine), we still want to do what we can to support you this year for your Day of the Dead parties, events, sugar skull decorating & honoring your departed loved ones.

All informational pages are turned on: Arachne and 305-642-6506 pages are as current as possible. Please use the Teaching About Day of the Dead tips, Scrapbook and Day of the Dead History page for your classes.

Please keep cerebroside photos of your sugar skulls & ofrendas!


Day of the Dead DIY

Our Día de Muertos Collection

I didn't want to remove all our beautiful products just yet...


Keep sending photos of your sugar skulls & celebrations. We love to share them. Read our news for cool photos & new arrivals. And don't forget our Facebook Sugar Skull fan's page… it's awesome! Over 120,000 sugar skull loving fans and followers!

More Information:

  • We have not packed orders since October 6. Sugar Skull blanks started shipping on October 20 and we're beginning to ship other orders with in-stock items on October 21.
  • If you have placed an order and not received your package, it’s possible it was packed and burnt, or it was waiting to be packed. It’s going to take time to sift through hundreds of orders to see if we can ship your order.
  • If we don't have the merchandise to ship, your order will be automatically canceled. No charges will be made to your credit card.
  • Remember, authorizations are created when you order online, but they are not charges. We charge you when we ship.
  • We do not know exactly what form our business will take looking forward. We hope to keep selling things that don’t require warehouse space, as it may take several years before our house & warehouse will be rebuilt. So, please keep us in mind if you need 2024770971, custom tablecloths, sugar skull molds, and ANYTHING you need in large quantity that we can import just for you.
  • I foresee us needing to call & contact customers regarding uncertain availabilities. Please give us your accurate daytime cell number.
  • All orders will be charged “actual” shipping charges and Priority Mail boxes will be used more than usual.


Sugar Skull connubium

Food Network video about sugar skulls and Day of the Dead

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