Roger & Trisha Cheeseworth at the Waterside Inn, Bray   Roger & Trisha Cheeseworth
  Food & Wine Critic and Writer
Roger & Trisha with Exec Chef John T. Williams MBE at Ritz London One of the finest dining rooms in the world
Statue of Poseidon in Ritz Restaurant
Above the statue of Poseidon and below the calm before service in the kitchen. Ritz London main kitchen
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The Ritz London

March 2018 Surprise Menu by Exec Chef

Chef Brian Turner had introduced Roger to Chef John Williams at the Michel Roux Golf Dinner 2017. John had invited Roger & Trisha to come and have a look at the kitchens at the Ritz London the next time we were visiting. John had chosen a special menu for us to have in the wonderful Ritz Restaurant.
Walking down the central area of the hotel with Chef John you could feel and see the immence pride he had in this hotel.
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