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    Bruce Pascoe is a Bunurong man born in the Melbourne suburb of Richmond. He is a member of the Wathaurong Aboriginal Co-operative of southern Victoria and has been the director of the Australian Studies Project for the Commonwealth Schools Commission. Bruce has had a varied career as a teacher, farmer, fisherman, barman, fencing contractor, lecturer, […]

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    Richard Flanagan was born in Longford, Tasmania, in 1961. His books include Death Of A River Guide, The Sound Of One Hand Clapping, Gould’s Book of Fish, The Unknown Terrorist and Wanting. He directed a feature film version of The Sound Of One Hand Clapping. His journalism appears in various publications, including the New Yorker, Le Monde, Süddeutsche Zeitung, and la Repubblica.

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    Andrew Bovell is an award-winning writer for theatre, film and television. His AWGIE award-winning play Speaking in Tongues has been seen throughout Australia as well as in Europe and the US and Bovell adapted it for the screen as Lantana. Both the play and screenplay have been published by Currency along with After Dinner, Holy Day, […]


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