Priya Subbu

Priya has over ten years of Carnatic Classical music experience. She has been guided by different teachers - Smt. Girija (Bangalore), Smt. Nagavalli Nagaraj (Bangalore), and Smt. Rama Mani. A major portion of her learning experience was under the tutelage of Smt. Rama Mani, a leading vocalist from Bangalore (India), who is well-known for displaying her unique skills in Carnatic music. Priya has also been trained in western vocals, a portion of which she learnt under Neecia Majolly, a renowned Indian pianist, singer and composer. Priya is currently engaged in teaching Carnatic Music and mentoring around 30 students . She believes proper use of Western vocal training techniques along with a well structured learning format of Carnatic music can bring out the best in individuals who want to pursue vocals.