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More ways to use OwnIP.org

Forced IPv4/IPv6 detection

Use ipv4.ownip.org or ipv6.ownip.org to force the use of IPv4/IPv6. Your browser will return an error message if you're unable to connect using the choosen address-type.

Command line and script usage

Simply fetch your IP using curl ownip.org or echo GET | nc ownip.org 80.

Background information.

How does it work?

The webserver recognizes the address you're using to access our pages.

This IP Address is displayed. In some cases a proxy server does handle your connection and informs our server (by inserting a special header) about the real IP address your client uses. If this is the case, we display it for reference as well.

This technique works for IPv4 and IPv6.

IPv4/IPv6 background

Wikipedia: IPv4

Wikipedia: IPv6

NAT/PAT background

Wikipedia: Network Address Translation

(249) 219-1434

Proxy (X-Forwarded-For) background

Wikipedia: Proxy Server


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