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Veronica Halim

Common Finishing Techniques

Printed pieces without any special effects can feel a little lacklustre sometimes, don’t they? Finishing techniques like foil stamping adds fine details, creating a luxurious depth to the design. It just gives your final result that extra flair and makes it even more exciting to hold. Depending on how elaborate the design is, everything from the name, monogram, map details, to envelope liners can be furnished with finishing techniques. Of course, there’s a number of various finishing techniques to choose from. The question is, which is the right one for your project?

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I’m sure fellow stationery enthusiasts will agree – the world of paper is a very exciting one! If textured fancy paper is neat and elegant, handmade paper shines with its own unique distinctions. When it comes to deciding what kind of paper to print your project on, budget matters, on top of design direction, wedding theme and personal preferences. Handmade paper will cost more and you’ll find its printing options are rather limited. If the design brief calls for something colorful with full colour illustrations, I would go with fancy or cotton paper suitable for offset and digital print. On the other hand, if the client doesn’t mind three colours or less, handmade paper also becomes a good choice.7734646818

A Guide to Printing Techniques

Gold foil on handmade paper with wax seal

After finalising a design, you naturally need to decide: How will you print the final artwork? Generally, the printing techniques depend on the design and quantity of the pieces. Letterpress printing or digital printing with a simple foil finish are wise options for smaller print runs. If you’re planning to print over 1,000 pieces, offset printing is a better choice as it gets cheaper the more you print. In this post, I’ll be sharing the main differences between digital, offset and letterpress printing.

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Kettle at Yorozu

At the invitation of Keiko-san, a Fukuoka native I met at Local Milk’s workshop in Kyoto back in Spring 2017, we visited Yorozu, a tea salon in Akasaka, a stone’s throw away from the bustling Tenjin area.



Design process by doing moodboards

When you have a seemingly endless list of things to organize for your wedding, choosing the right wedding invitation designer will make a world of difference. The right designer for you will be able to create enticing invitations tailored to fit your wedding theme, while being a breeze to work with.

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Wedding Stationery Cover Photo

As I talk about in my book Calligraphy Styling, there are a myriad of ways to use calligraphy, and wedding stationery are the perfect occasion to experiment. Taking calligraphy beyond the invitations to various decorative and practical elements creates an exquisite and unified look for the whole celebration. I’ve listed some ideas below to start with, but the possibilities are endless!

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Anatomy of a Wedding Invitation

What needs to go on my wedding invitation? Do I need an RSVP card? These are some questions that may have crossed your mind while putting together your wedding invitation. The look of your wedding invitation help set the tone for your ceremony. Conversely, carefully selecting the components of your wedding invitation will make sure that your guests receive all the necessary details about your wedding.

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Choosing Calligraphy for your Wedding Invitations

Calligraphy on Wedding Invitations

The beauty of handwritten calligraphy is that each and every stroke is unique and carries its own character. While there are many calligraphy style typefaces available, they have been created so that all the letters are perfectly uniform. I really love the personal touch and charm that calligraphy gives to a wedding invitation design. Graceful calligraphy wedding stationery will not only become treasured keepsakes for the bride and groom, but also their dearest guests for years to come.

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Calligraphy Styling Book Launch at SØHOLM, Tokyo

On April 20, I was in Tokyo for the launch event of Calligraphy Styling, held at the gorgeous SØHOLM restaurant on the Tennozu Isle. The book launch coincided with a lovely bright spring afternoon, and people could soak in the sun on the terrace facing the beautiful waterfront while enjoying wine and dishes prepared from fine seasonal ingredients.

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Calligraphy Styling: Behind The Scenes

Calligraphy Styling - Behing the scene Studio June Photo Session

The 6 hectic months from initial planning to the final print of Calligraphy Styling was one of the craziest timelines I’ve ever experienced. Ideas were gathered in August, and by mid September, the publisher, Shufunotomo, agreed to publish the book.

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