The future of health is in your DNA

Join our community to pioneer a revolution in health.

Understand your genes, own your data, and join a community at the forefront of personalized medicine.

Get unique insights into your health

Our next-gen sequencing goes beyond standard genotyping, enabling deep insights into personal health and enabling data-driven choices in regards to disease prevention, medications, family planning, diet, exercise, and more.

Contribute to important medical breakthroughs

When you share your data on the Nebula platform, you join a community helping scientists conduct transformative research, which will result in important breakthroughs in modern medicine.

Own your genomic data

With Nebula, you own your genomic data, control who can use it, and are compensated for sharing access to your data. No one can ever access your data without your consent.

Data buyers will search our platform for individuals whose information meets specific criteria for diverse research needs; you will be rewarded for providing access to your data, while your privacy will remain protected.

Unlock the potential of DNA

Our mission is to build the world’s largest, most trusted genomic and health data marketplace where everyone can participate to usher in an era of data-driven healthcare. It’s a future our community can shape—one that will enable better diagnostic accuracy, higher rates of disease prevention, curative breakthroughs, and dramatic advances in personalized medicine.

A storage, sharing, and computing platform for biomedical big data.

We liberate genomic big data by making privacy protected individual records scattered across many systems available on a single network where researchers can access and analyze them.

Researchers can compensate and connect directly with individuals.

Our blockchain technology eliminates middlemen and connects data buyers directly with data owners, who store and control their own data. We use privacy-enhancing technologies to keep that data secure when owners choose to share it. And because of this direct connection, consumers can be rewarded for participating in the community and compensated for sharing data.


OUR Partners


George Church


"Father of synthetic biology", Professor at Harvard Medical School and MIT. Inventor of next-gen DNA sequencing. Featured in Time's 100 Most Influential People, National Geographic, and the Colbert Show.

Kamal Obbad


Harvard graduate. Google. Cambridge University computer science drop-out. Biotech entrepreneur. Gates-Cambridge & Y Combinator Fellowships.

Dennis Grishin


Boehringer Ingelheim PhD Fellow in Genetics and Genomics at Harvard University. German National Academic Foundation Fellowship. Master's in Computer Science from Harvard University.


Mirza Cifric

Cofounder and CEO of Veritas Genetics. Former CEO of AbVitro and head of Corporate Development at FORMA Therapeutics.

Preston Estep

Cofounder and Chief Scientific Officer of Veritas Genetics. Director of Gerontology and Genome Sequencing at the Personal Genome Project. Harvard Medical School.

John Halamka

Professor at Harvard Medical School. CIO of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. Chairman of the New England Healthcare Exchange Network. Chair of the U.S. Healthcare Information Technology Standards Panel.

D. A. Wallach

Recording artist, songwriter, investor, actor, and essayist. Investor and advisor to SpaceX, Ripple, Emulate, and Spotify. Founder of Inevitable Ventures.

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Join our community to pioneer a revolution in health.