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Hello, We are clearVendor

Hello, We are clearVendor

“Supply chain” is such a limiting term. Because orchestrating an entire supply chain ecosystem actually requires full participation of not only your direct suppliers, but all of their suppliers (from raw materials to logistics and beyond).

At clearVendor, we prefer the term, “supply chain ecosystem” management to more vividly describe the big challenges you face every day.

clearVendor is NextGen enterprise technology…harnessing the power of the cloud economy to provide unlimited processing power, functionality and storage for the supply ecosystem. clearVendor was purpose built for ultimate flexibility, extensibility and functionality using proven API based applications through the cloud economy’s open access to best of breed technology.

What makes clearVendor so different?

What makes clearVendor so different?

Proven technology, right out of the box

Security baked in at every level

No impact on existing IT structures

Lower cost for all participants

Best practices enabled automatically

Democratized approach that entices participation

Incredibly fast implementation and adoption

The Best Solution For Your Business

The Best Solution For Your Business


With clearVendor, security isn’t an afterthought. A large number of users across multiple companies and roles can blow your risk profile sky high. It’s no wonder that the Target data breach started in the company’s supply solution ...

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This is sure a buzz word these days, isn’t it? And for good reason. Traditional systems were built on highly hierarchical user structures that made participation difficult, time consuming and expensive. clearVendor clears away every challenge to participation and actually entices users to enroll and even pay their fair share ...

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Risk Management

Our vision is simple; Our vision is simple; Your supply ecosystem can be full of risk from both underperforming suppliers to the availability of vulnerable raw materials and products. clearVendor makes risk management straightforward, since you’re able to see into every corner of your partner network ...



Our vision is simple - clearVendor was built from the ground up to leverage existing, proven applications to form a perfectly nimble, adaptable platform for supply ecosystem management. We’ve focused on the most critical elements of the management process (vendor data, performance and contract/supporting document management) ...

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The clearVendor feature set addresses the most critical processes and work tasks in the simplest way possible. The intuitive design and focused functionality attracts users and improves adoption, which provides complete transparency in the buying process and leads to lower costs and lower risks for all participants ...

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tem, clearVendor’s supply ecosystem solution is cloud based, which translates to unlimited power, functionality and storage without the burden of server based costs. We offer simple, enterprise and partner level pricing with no per-user or volume charges. Pricing is simple and predictable ...

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