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Road tripping without a schedule is a great way to live, meandering to whatever you feel like doing next. People aren't wrong when they say there's something about the open road. Here's what I've learned after my first few days of road tripping without a plan: When I have no schedule, I'm in no rush. While I haven't really pulled off to the side of the road often to do whatever, I have gone places that wouldn't have otherwise Flat places are a lot more boring to drive through than mountains in the distance. Seems obvious I know, but desert…

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So what am I doing here? Wait... what AM. I. DOING here?

I'm not freaking out. Promise. So what's going on now? For those of you who are using this to catch up with me (or who are just getting to know me): I'm on a leave of absence from my job from Amazon I mini-roadtripped from Vancouver, BC back to CO for the holidays I've bought a truck to drive myself around for a while and live on the cheaper I want to cook and eat tasty foods, make music, and be outside - in no particular order How am I going to that last one? I actually don't really care…

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You probably don't know much about me yet, but here's where you can start to get to know me better. I've never been much of a writer. I'm going to have more time on my hands soon (I'll be taking a break from my job) and so I thought I'd re-setup my space here. This will probably change a lot, but it'll be fun to find my voice. I'll be sharing adventures, thoughts, creatives, and whatever else crosses my mind. Hi!…

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