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There’s a better way is committed to challenging one another to become the best we can be. Recognising our negative inner thoughts, dealing with our hurts and confronting our demons are some of the hardest things to do.

Once we find a way to do that, our newly found positive momentum will start to develop a snow ball that forms from deep within that has the potential to evolve into an avalanche of positive opportunities and in turn empowering ourselves, our families and our Community.

Our approach to each other must be done in the spirit of Love, Peace, Kindness, Gentleness and Self-control. This approach is the foundation of all our attempts in helping one another.

Someone reached out to me at the age of 14, during a game of basketball by challenging my anger. Then over time guided me step by step into the knowledge of forgiveness which has changed the whole direction of my life. This combined positive approach is needed in our Communities.

There’s a Better Way is built on what I have coined ‘A Light Structure’, the purpose of this light structure is the true intent to help others. It’s built to confront what is now driving many of our Communities which in turn explains our struggle to comprehend how darkness has blindsided us as we cringe at the new normal.

My vision and dream is to awaken the best in people and expose the patterns of darkness that are normally hidden. I choose to do this with a Basketball.

Glen Green


In a rapidly changing world where more negativity is expanding, it is an ongoing challenge to keep our faith in one another. Remembering what’s important and what keeps us together, understanding and embracing our past but being bold enough to develop new positive structure’s into the future. Being strong enough to challenge negative concepts that impact our daily lives and threaten our safety on the streets and in our homes. Developing community light models and educating future generations in ways to help those in need around them. For these Communities to be a part of the solution, empowered with resources and commitment to make a real positive impact.
Since 2011 There’s a Better Way (TABW) foundation has had the opportunity to:

  • Donate approximately one hundred and fifty thousand dollars worth of basketballs and playing gear to various New Zealand Communities.
  • Held numerous free basketball event’s throughout New Zealand and overseas .
  • Designed and built an elite portable basketball system, which has allowed world class resources to be utilised within the most remote communities.
  • Encouraged youth from the streets to play on the world 3×3 stage.
  • TABW continues to provided mentors and positive role model’s for thousand’s of youth and their families.

This all started with one thought – There must be a better way


Adapting a more caring approach towards others. This can only be done in Love, with a peaceful approach, and with a balanced self-controlled roll out.

Realizing that we can all shift positivity/light on a daily basis despite our financial, cultural, or Community status. This starts with our thought process and can be as small as a kind word, baking something for someone or sharing your wealth or experience with a view to build others up.

Build your own Light structure. Create a project that you’re passionate about that can help others. Build a plan, get someone else involved that you treust and structure your goals for the year. Then start investing your positive energy as your light project evolves.

Choose someone, a group or a situation to help. Before you start do your research,. Understand the key negative driving forces and then build your positive key impact driving forces. They are often the opposite of the negative ones you have discovered. Be safe and protect yourself. Start small and enjoy one win at a time.

Pay it forward. Share your goals with others. You are in fact light Shifting in dark or negative situations. Today our society is rapidly changing, it is in these changes that a light influence is desperately needed.

Contribute, inspire, change and empower. Create light structures, push yourself out of your comfort zones by acting out your positivity which generates light in motion.

Light Shifting is the future of Community Empowerment.

Glen Green

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Fred Tanuvasa (left), has decided to give up his gang ties and mentor local youth as part of the There’s a Better Way project, led by Mt Roskill community constable Glen Green (right), (NZ herald 2012).
What started out as a weekly game of basketball at the Wesley Community Centre has inspired two young men to sever their gang ties and encourage other locals to make positive changes in their lives. There’s a Better Way is the brainchild of Mt Roskill community constable Glen Green, who has teamed up with the Global Lighthouse Group to work with local youth. He started out playing basketball with young people at the Wesley Centre in a bid to break down the barriers between police and locals. He now has upwards of 50 people turning up each week to share positive events in their lives.


I have been involved with ‘There’s A Better Way’ (TABW) for approximately 5 years. It all started at a 3 on 3 Basketball tournament held at Otara Recreation Centre. Ever since then I’ve had built a great relationship with Glen Green. What I loved about TABW was the message behind it, about forgiveness, helping others, health, giving back and more. TABW has been there for me a lot and has created opportunities for myself. I have been fortunate enough to be a apart of some of the awesome teams TABW have put together and supported to fly overseas to compete on the Fiba 3X3 world stage. After the first year of being involved with TABW, I volunteered to help out where ever I could and ’til this day I still am. We ran plenty of in-schools Basketball coaching and mentoring clinic’s and loads of community 3×3 events. TAWB has taught me a lot and has given me the opportunity to give back everything I’ve been taught to youth. I am very thankful for everything There’s a Better Way has helped me with and done for me. I am looking forward to seeing what the future holds for TABW because it just gets better and better.

AARON (the Problem) WILLIAMS

I meet Glen at a World 3×3 international in Russia in 2012. Meeting the Auckland Better Way streetball players before we competed against them on the court we bonded straight away.

The Auckland Better way team topped their pool and made the quarter finals which was impressive. After the comp Glen shared with me that some of the player’s had never played professional basketball before and some had only played on the streets. He also shared about the Better Way vision and how he gave up his job as a Policeman to help troubled youth. I work with Youth in the Bronx New York and we struggle with big issues every day. I am a professional basketball player and use my experience to help others out of dark or negative situations just like Glen.


In 2015, I arrived from Christchurch and had been living in Auckland for less than a month, a friend picked me up one morning because he knew of a 3 on 3 streetball event in Otara, South Auckland. I was looking forward to seeing what this looked like as I knew Otara has somewhat of an infamous reputation. I soon meet Glen and got introduced to ‘There’s A Better Way’ (TABW) Streetball. I was amazed by how practical and powerful the TABW light message was and how well Otara’s community received the TABW message of hope and positivity. It appeared that basketball was being used as a platform and vehicle to bring people together and provided a vibrant and inclusive atmosphere that created positive change in that community.

Previously I had been working alongside ‘at risk’ youth both residentially and in correction facilities as a Social Worker. This experience accompanied with years of playing basketball and coaching with the Gators Basketball Program in Christchurch, had ignited a passion for both basketball and community work. I’ve always loved how basketball draws people from all age groups, cultures and ethnicities, and provides a platform for people to connect, so that positive interactions and exchanges can take place between people and their communities. It was a blessing meeting Glen and being inspired to be a part of TABW light movement and the influential change Glen was making in communities around Auckland. 3 months later in March 2015 TABW had another 3 on 3 tournament in Otara which my team was fortunate enough to win!!


The Foundation has delivered our Community Empowerment Model to over 50 New Zealand Community’s and schools, we now have over 5000 members. The Foundation also has given over 180 thousand dollar’s worth of basketballs, tops, shorts and caps to New Zealand Communities while coaching and sharing the Better way message. The Foundation has also developed a portable world class 3×3 Basketball system which holds free 3×3 basketball events in New Zealand Communities.


Auckland, New York, Bronx, Rucker Park, Dyckman Basketball Park, Gisborne, Hamilton, Keri Keri, Tauranga, Christchurch,
Tokoroa, Kawerau, Whangarei, Kaitaia, Waipapa




Pulman Park Gate C, Kuaka Drive, Takanini, South Auckland


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