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About iiiMY

iiiMY is a specialty manufacturer of barware accessories and lifestyle goods with a focus on functional design. Our company vision is to create quality products that offer its users enjoyment through multiple facets. We deliver versatile products at affordable price points coupled with a lifetime warranty, aesthetic packaging, and social engagement.

iiiMY Stemless Wine Glass Gift Set – for Mom, Wife, Female friends

A little drink of wine would help to keep in good health. A quality wine glass would help to drink in moderation and improve your drinking experience.

iiiMY Whiskey Stones Gift Set, for Father, Husband, Male Friends

Made by premium soapstone and granite, iiiMY whiskey stones are meant to chill a drink without watering it down. Get one as a gift to inspire your friend to enjoy the full flavor of his/her favorite drink.

Why is your whiskey taste so bad?

Have you ever wondered why the Whiskey or the drinks that you drink at home in the summer are always so different in taste and taste from those in the bar? Curious is right! Jack Chu is a professional bartender from Scotland who works to provide customers with the...


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