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"How not to hatch turtles"

Back in April I was thrilled to find a clutch of Red Cheek Mud turtle eggs (Kinosternon scorpioides cruentatum) in the next box of one of my females. Getting them to hatch however, was definitely not what I imagined...

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SUNDAY, 17 JUNE 2018

What a year it's been insectivore, turtle room, reptile room, DIY vivarium, garage conversion

I can't believe it's been almost 12 months since I last got the time to write an update on here. So much has changed, including a new house, new turtle room and of course, new turtles...

FRIDAY, 30 JUNE 2017

Monsters from the Golden Coast

Back to Doncaster for a pair of Ivory Coast Mud Turtles! With monstrous heads and a surprisingly gentle nature, these newly described turtles are my latest additions.

FRIDAY, 19 MAY 2017


Most of the time I get to talk about all the positives. In the interests of transparency, and rather painfully, I have to share how I came to lose 5 clutches of turtle eggs...

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Keeping snakes in plastic boxes -
a scientific review

snake rub, plastic storage box, suitability, racking, size, habitat, housing, husbandry

Evaluating the use of plastic storage boxes as captive snake habitats, based on scientific literature.


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A giant among tropical plants, with quick growth and sturdy leaves.

antepirrhema Malabar Climbing Spinach

A fast growing vine from tropical Asia, with impressive red-purple stems. Well suited to covering vivarium backgrounds.

Samhain eve Cuban Burrowing Cockroach

A tropical forest cockroach, ideal for livefood culture and bioactive substrates.

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