Georgia Hospice Care

Making Every Moment Matter!

Hospice and life-limiting illnesses are a difficult time for any family.   It is an important time to have people you can trust to advise you of options that may provide loved ones the ability to experience Hospice as a means of living and not dying.   Our staff understands this concept deeply as many of them have experienced both the good and the bad of life-limiting illness with their own family and friends.   For many – it is why they have joined Georgia Hospice Care.

When the doctor, patient and family decide that curative treatment is no longer an option, home hospice services may be the answer wherever home is – whether a skilled nursing facility, a friend or family member’s place, or the house you’ve been living in for many years. Our hospice services allow patients to make the most of each day surrounded by friends and family in a familiar and comfortable environment. Because at Georgia Hospice Care, we believe every moment matters.


Who is Georgia Hospice Care?

Georgia Hospice Care is a Georgia based company and led by Georgian’s who have grown up in the communities we service.    Our company is focused on the rural areas of Georgia and the improvement of care in the lives of people we grew up beside.   Our CEO has held executive level positions in a few of the largest care providers in the Nation and brings this experience to the rural areas we serve.   At Georgia Hospice Care, we carefully select and differentiate our staff based on their skills and compassion and only select the care givers we believe will provide the highest level of care in order to ensure our patients live their final days with the respect and dignity they have earned.


Georgia Hospice Care is where you need us.

Georgia Hospice Care provides care to patients wherever they call home: in the home, a skilled nursing center, an assisted living facility or an independent living facility.  Each patient is unique and has different challenges and needs during this period of their life and we are there by their side to ensure they have the respect and dignity they deserve.

Our caregivers work with patients to create individualized care plans and set personal goals with our patients and their families.  They encourage patients to make the right decisions and help fill their lives with meaningful experiences during this valued time.  Their pain and symptoms are managed so patients can be as comfortable as possible and our social workers and spiritual counselors help both patients and families share their hopes, concerns, and dreams.

Considered to be the model for quality, compassionate care at the end of life, hospice care involves a team-oriented approach of expert medical care, pain management, and emotional and spiritual support expressly tailored to the patient’s wishes. Emotional and spiritual support also is extended to the family and loved ones. Generally, this care is provided in the patient’s home or in a home-like setting operated by a hospice program. Medicare, private health insurance, and Medicaid in most states cover hospice care for patients who meet certain criteria.