Changing Corporate Culture

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Training to RAISE Corporate Culture

Our Mission

RAISE Consulting supports organizations in creating a culture of responsibility, accountability, integrity, self-awareness and excellence throughout the organization. Our mission is to transform corporate culture one employee at a time.


To accomplish our mission, we use a combination of our own proprietary RAISE model along with other proven instruments and methodologies to affect positive change in an organization. 

Working with all levels within the organization enables us to access, diagnose, intervene, educate, evaluate and implement the solution-focused change that many organizations need in order to rise
to the next level.  

RAISE professionals examine and build upon the current corporate strengths, isolate cultural flaws and develop a blueprint to achieve corporate harmony in accord with our client’s goals.

What sets us apart?

Our approach. Our experience. Our model. 

RAISE is comprised of professionals with varied backgrounds rooted in behavioral health, experiential education, corporate training and business development. Through our diverse background we have developed the RAISE model which allows us to examine various factors within an organization. The RAISE model focuses on: Responsibility, Accountability, Integrity, Self-awareness and Excellence.

RAISE Defined

RESPONSIBILITY. The goal of this phase is to help facilitate the organization in defining the responsibilities of each employee, department and leadership to achieve the mission of the organization. Within this phase, an assortment of assessments are administered and compiled to construct a culture-building model with a foundation rooted in responsibility.

ACCOUNTABILITY. To grow a culture of accountability, we assist the organization to create a system of trust. We look at how employees interact with co-workers and department heads; how directors manage department heads and how stakeholders manage directors. In this phase, we focus on teaching communication skills, ownership of behaviors, and openness to feedback and change.

INTEGRITY. Branching off of the accountability phase, the next phase is integrity. Integrity in this context deals with the consistency of standards held throughout the organization. We focus on and promote consistency, the state of being whole and undivided.

SELF-AWARENESS. Self-awareness grows from the application of responsibility, accountability and integrity. In this phase, we are putting the plan into action by intertwining the previous three phases.  We assist the individual to better examine their role within the greater culture of the organization.

EXCELLENCE. The product of a culture rooted in RAISE is excellence. 

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