Ticket Booking Software by cartZone UK

What is osConcert?

osConcert is a 'POWERFUL' open source php shopping cart application heavily adapted to suit the needs of special event organisers that prefer to manage their own seat ticket selling.

  • Primarily a online tool for RESERVED SEATING. If you are the organiser of a seated event this is the newest most affordable option for managing all your ticketing woes!

  • Optional but recommended. FULL HTTPS secure installation (SSL certificate required) with ability to rename your administration URL for extra security.
  • Sell seat tickets easily. Sell online using Paypal or your arranged internet merchant payment like SagePay,STRIPE, WorldPay, Authorizenet etc

  • Manage your regular events, annual shows, weekly, monthly multiple shows. Reserved seating is now a reality for all promoters.

  • Administration made easy. Reservation orders come in. You update when payment is complete or arrange payment integration for complete automation including printable Barcoded/QR E-Tickets.

  • BOX OFFICE P.O.S Front End Ticket Sales System. For your assigned BO Staff and Agents. Contact Me for more information.
  • Complete CMS Content Management System. Templateable front end design featuring Twitters famous 'Bootstrap'. Multicolor CSS Themes (also .LESS for developers)

  • Multi language options: Russian, Turkish, Spanish, German, French, Czech, Italian, Greek, Chinese, Bulgarian, Thai, Romanian and Dutch.
  • osConcert  v8 Combined Reserved Seating and General Admission Shows 816-707-7175
    • Seat locking at seat selection with adjustable session timer..
    • Faster Seat Plan render with recommended cached pages.
    • Complete CSS seat plan with 11 colors for banding.
    • Enforced Login (great for allowing only Agents to purchase and guests to view seat plan status only)
    • Optional (5) extra fields at checkout.
    • Maximum products (seat selection) for order (basket seats)
    • Enforced COUPON checkout. (Great for pre-show COMPS)
    • Easy management of your LOADED seat plans with JQGrid.
    • Optional PWA (Purchase without account)
    • Enable Terms and Conditions at checkout.
    • FAST checkout for Box Office Users
    • NEW! Season Ticket Discount Ticketeting (option for customers to purchase season tickets to use later from thier account)
    • Marketing integration with MailerLITE (free), Campaign Monitor, InfusionSoft (additional cost)
    • NEW! Door Scanning QR eTickets with affordable smartphone app. Contact for more information
    • Basic www.codereadr.com integration for online 2D E-Ticket management.
    • NEW! Multi COUPON Discounts
    • BOX OFFICE method for staff and agents
    • NEW! BOX OFFICE RESERVATION: System for multiple BO agents working as a team. Contact me for more information.
    • Location Filter for Featured SHOWS
    • CINEMA/SESSION DATE version with drop off sessions by DATETIME
    • GA CINEMA Version
    • Cabaret Table Booking
    • NEW! Visual CALENDAR booking
    • NEW! Box Office Reduction....BO agents can now make a quick discount at confirmation
    • Stadium Mapping and more !!!

Not only can theatre concert organizers benefit, osConcert is useful for all kinds of events, ticket selling, or visual reservation management. Drama Groups, Church Choir Concerts, Shooting Clubs, School Performance Parent Ticketing, LAN Parties, uncontaminated, Dinner Dances, Funeral Plots.....how about Caravan Parks, Boat Ticket Reservation, Train Ticket Reservation, Land Plots??. Can you suggest a visual reservation idea for osConcert? contact us .

Affordable Seat Reservation Management is here at last!

Seat Plan Creation starts from as little as $135. 920-494-6724 for pricing


Combined Mulitple Reserved Seating Concerts and General Admission Shows


The full power of osConcert is NOW available to purchase and download

The default General Admission version as seen 786-548-8577 has everything you need to start selling eTickets!

When you are ready for RESERVED SEATING simply contact us and the cost will go towards your first seat plan integration.

Purchase & Download


Seat Plans

osConcert takes your venue seat plan and makes it interactive so that ticket buyers can choose and reserve their own seats online just by clicking and adding seats to the order in whatever section they please. You provide your venue seat plan and we at cartZone make it work with our software to present a visual seat plan of your venue for your concert or special event. Once your seat plan is created it can be reset over and over again for each new event. We have made visual seat plans for organisers using theatres like Hammersmith Apollo, London Palladium, Shepherds Bush, Brixton Academy, Theatre Royal, Trump Taj Mahal (Atlantic City) TILLES Center and even the world famous Dvořák Hall in Prague.We've made seat plans for organisers of churches and cinemas, scout shows and rock operas...there's so many possibilities for osConcert Seat Reservation.

Taking Payment with osConcert

Theatre seat reservations can be made online using popular merchant payment methods, or you can arrange for your visitors to reserve seats now and collect payment later by phone order, cheque payment or cash. cartZone can arrange credit card payment modules. WE INTEGRATE ALL PAYMENT GATEWAYS ON REQUEST. See our features page for more about payment modules installed.

Start taking payments immediately! - Our complimentary Paypal/PayPal Credit Cards is the most popular choice for beginners to take payment as costs are minimal. Other PayPal Payment Modules will need specialist integration.

NEW! Start taking credit card payments immediately! - Our complimentary STRIPE is the most popular choice for beginners to take payment as costs are minimal. SSL REQUIRED


Customers can now access and print PDF 128 Barcoded E-Tickets or QR Coded with your design (other Barcode types available) . When payment is complete customers can collect their E-Tickets at payment confirmation or from within their account NEW! PDF eTickets can be attached to the Order Email Response. The E-Ticket option alone will save an organisation a great deal of time and money! Try our 418-276-8861 and reserve some seats when your order is complete you can view or print the demonstration E-Tickets for your order. Invoices are also available as usual for each order.

NEW! 2018. Scanning with Smartphone App. Have your doorman check all your customers eTicket QR codes at the door of the venue. osConcert database will be automatically updated.


For event management there is a sophistiated administration back end where you can manage customers and orders, set up discount coupons, view straight sales reports and even print tickets from within a customer order. Our osConcert Report page will allow admin to view all seats sold, by Date ID of the show, ...by Admin Box Office Staff, or by certain seat sections. All in one page to print by PDF or download excell/csv files for printing offline.

How much is osConcert?

It all depends on your layout and we can give you a price if you tell us how many seats your venue is and how many loaded seat plans you require. From only $150 USD for a small seat plan of 150 seats to only $300+ for a venue of 3000+ seats. Discount for non-profit organizations.

If osConcert can help you manage your concert promotions send us your venue seat plan and we will make it work.. For a guide price 7804892889 and tell us how many seats your venue holds etc it's not going to be thousands of dollars!...but a fair price for many hours work. Or better still send us your seat plan image, PDF or excell file. If you require set up and a template made to integrate into your existing website...we can quote a very reasonable price for these costs too.