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Let me remind you that patchwork, a master class I propose to your attention, is a technique of mosaic or patchwork sewing, based on the creation of planes from small pieces of fabric. The pattern I chose for my own hands is based on a triangle – this is almost the most common figure in prints of the Scandinavian style. Although, in truth, this pillow-patchwork can decorate any modern interior. In the patchwork technique, we will sew the decorative cover for the finished cushion with our own hands. If it’s not there, here’s a simple piece of advice on how to sew a pillow with your own hands: make a technical cover, fill it with a holofiber or other filler – and it’s ready! It remains only to decorate the technical cover – and we offer a patchwork technique: the pillow will be for a long time! We will create a detailed sketch of what the future patchwork pouch will look like in the patchwork style.

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A pillow made by own hands can become a wonderful gift. Armed with fantasy and thread with a needle, it can be turned even into a unique valentine. We offer you a step-by-step master-class of making an unusual pillow with a three-dimensional heart.  Cut from the fabric of circles about 8 cm in diameter, they can be slightly crooked and slightly different in size. This will only add volume and realism to the flowers. Take a circle of tissue behind the middle, attach it, forming folds as in the photo. Fix the workpiece in the desired position with a pair of stitches. Sew from below another circle of fabric, forming a voluminous bud. Continue to sew the circles to the rose until you get the flower of the right size. In the same scheme, prepare the rest of the roses. Their number depends on the size of the flower heart. Place the workpieces tightly together so that there are no gaps between them.
The original cushion with fringe will fit well into any interior. Pleasant to the touch, fleece will make her a favorite thing not only in the children’s room. For fringe it is better to choose a fabric of several colors of one scale – you will get a stylish transition between them. In our case, 10 strips of 37 * 10 cm of three shades of brown are used. Each strip is folded in half and cut into fringe. First strip sewn to the base of the pillow, retreating 1 cm from the edges. Here such result should turn out. Then bend the fringe in one direction. Sew next to the second strip at a distance of about 1.5 cm from the first. Sew the pillow around the perimeter, leaving a small hole for stuffing. Turn out the pillow and fill with filler. It is better to use sintepon or holofayber. Sew the hole for a reversal with a hidden seam. It turns out a very beautiful cushion pillow, which will create in your home an atmosphere of warmth and comfort.
They are desirable, both for decoration and for some afternoon sleep or television viewing. There are a variety of fancy decorative pads and there are a lot of them in the market, you can choose which one you want or make some of your own pillow. To create a pillow you will need some fabric of choice, scissors, needle and thread, machine sewing and something that will cushion your fill. This may be a feather or a dishwashing sponge, so you can cook them before. On the fabric, lay out the shape of the pillow you want to make and the fabric before squeezing it over to double. Cut the fabric 1 centimeter off the marked line. Stitch the fabric, you can use the sewing machine, and you can do it manually. Leave one part open so you can fill the pillow.
You can use a pillow that you already have at home. In case you want to make a pillow, you can buy filling for cushions and thin cotton for the inside of the cushion – the same instructions as for the pillow. Choose a cushion for which the pillow will make you. In the video, the size of the pillow is 40 x 40 cm. Cut out two equal square sizes 40 x 40 cm from the selected material. I do not add sewing accessories because we want the cushion to be compact and the pillow does not seem too big. Lay these two squares one over the other, face to face. On the back side of the pillow we wrap it on three sides, while on the fourth we only seal the ends – on each side 3 cm. So the pillow will look nice when you turn it around. Turn the pillow.