Make Every Impression Count

We offer a range of video ad solutions in various ad formats for all digital platforms. The combination of technological capabilities and expertise in monetization creates tailored solutions that achieve optimal brand exposure through more views, and higher engagement. Maximize views and social sharing for your brand with the most suitable video solutions targeted to reach the right audience for you.

We provide our advertisers unique, fraud free, viewable inventory that drives engagement and performance across all screens. Companies that advertise with us you gain access to one of the fastest growing video supply sources, cutting-edge brand safety technology and a team of experts.

Quality: We work with some of the Web's most recognized sites.

Volume: We see over 200 million monthly ad opportunities each month.

Transparency: We offer transparent ranking and feedback through constant communication with our advertising partners. We'll always let you know where you're ranked in relation to the competition so you can have the opportunity to gain additional inventory through increased rates.

Performance: We tailor campaigns to your needs, ensuring that quality and performance standards are met.

We are serious about inventory quality, every impression undergoes a rigorous screening process, including:

Pre-Opportunity Fraud Protection

Domain Transparency

View ability Reporting



Increase Your Revenue

STo generate increased CPM, our platform technology connects with numerous advertisers, ad networks, agencies and exchanges, the advertiser offering the highest CPM rate at any given time for a given size and location will see the most impressions, and impressions are distributed likewise to other advertisers down the chain. As a result, revenue from each advertiser is maximized.

Tap into rapidly growing global programmatic spend with the most advanced supply platform built for video. With our Publisher platform, publishers and app developers maximize the value of their inventory with top brand advertising buyers across all sales channels, screens, and devices. Our powerful platform delivers speed, real-time data, and proprietary demand to win the best price and fill for every ad call.



Technology To Help You Grow

Nexzar’ssupply side platform and fully managed solution makes selling video advertising easy. Our data rich engine provides publishers with access to measurement data while our proprietary algorithm automatically sets up and manages dozens of demand partners so you can save time and maximize your revenue.

Nexzaroffers a complete set of optimization tools, along with a full suite of SSP capabilities. Publishers have the options of either a self-service, or fully managed, integration that leverages a combination of automation and data-driven, hands on decision making to drive optimal performance.

Leading the automation charge is our proprietary technology and algorithms that values each demand source down to the impression level. It assesses historical data trends each hour to help deliver automatic logic-based optimizations. It can help identify CPM trends across key metrics (Geos, Demos, Domains) and automatically optimize yield and improve results.

SSP Features



Easy to use web-based dashboard to help you consolidate and visualize your performance and automatically connect to numerous high quality demand sources.

Yield Optimization

Our predictive algorithm calculates and automatically sets floor prices, updates your video ad waterfall, and optimizes your yield.


Multiple Ad Units

Nexzar a variety of different video ad units including pre-roll, mid-roll, post-roll, HTML5 VPAID, in-banner video, interstitials and mobile video ads.

Reporting and Analytics

Our reporting tools lets you track your revenue and analyze your performance. View your revenue by ad placement and drill down on impressions, fill rates, and eCPM.


Automated Selling Strategies

Automate complex selling strategies and video ad operations to save time, lower serving costs, and maximize profitability on video ad units.

Exceptional Customer Service

Our team of ad operation experts and support staff makes the on-boarding process easy so you can start monetizing your video inventory quickly.



Audience For Demand

  • Targeted Campaigns: Our advanced targeting capabilities allow us to find exactly the right user according to age, gender, geo and much more.

  • Reach: Define targeting parameters and extend your reach

  • Relevant Content: Our video specialists will work with you to place your ad in front of the right users, alongside the right content, on the right device to deliver maximum performance.

  • Brand Safety: Every inventory source is audited with the highest standards and divided in quality pools.

  • Multi channel: Choose from a wide variety of channels and parameters

  • Custom sizes: IAB ad units to custom high impact sizes.

  • Service: Designated account managers who works with you to create a distribution plan, optimize and adapt it to make sure that you always reach your goals.

  • Audience for supply

  • Targeted ads: Based on your site content we will select relevant, professionally-produced video content that captures your users’ interests and enhances their site experience.

  • Increase Revenue: Cutting edge optimization technologies and optimization tools to increase traffic performance. Maximize performance and CTR with high mpact ads.

  • Multi channel: Choose from a variety of channels that match your content.

  • Custom sizes: IAB ad units to custom high impact sizes.

  • Service: Dedicated account managers





    About Us

    Nexzar is a global video advertising network. It offers advertisers, publishers and app developers a range of solutions to promote utilize and monetize apps, products, games and services.

    Since our launch, we have committed ourselves to providing publishers with a comprehensive and profitable solution for their pre-roll. Our aggressive sales team is dedicated to the small details of inventory management to ensure our publishers benefit from maximum returns.

    Using cutting edge in-house technological capabilities and a global reach, we tailor solutions for each client and partner on every digital arena. We have the tools, resources and know-how to deliver bottom line results, improve user engagement and increase ROI.


    Heading for content

    We're a fast growing company that focuses on monetization solutions and services for video advertisers and publishers. Our employees are a group of motivated, hardworking and passionate people who are dedicated to achieving our publishers and advertisers’ goals. Every employee takes our company values seriously and strives to convey them on each campaign and with every client interaction. If you wish to join our dynamic company, check out our latest job opportunities below:

    Video Media Buyer - Full-time Position

    Account Manager - Full-time Position

    Experienced Campaign Manager - Full-time Position

    Bookkeeper - Part-time Position

    Experienced Video Media Buyer- Full-time Position

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